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Filling our days with activities has been harder than I thought it would the last month. We have been social distancing as much as possible so staying at home has pretty much been an almost every day basis. Which I know it has been for most people. Even during these warmer months, it feels like it has been raining every other day. So if you have been like me and trying to fill your days with some fun and creativity, then I would love to share Allessimo Reality Puzzles with you.

We were sent a few 3D puzzles from Allessimo to review. Two puzzles were build and paint (plane and flamingo) while the other two were build and sculpt (dinosaur and elephant). What I love about them the most is that they take puzzles and crafts, then combine them. The seriously turn a tradition wooden puzzle on it's head. These 3D puzzles make a fun project and awesome keepsake as well.

- Each Puzzle Targets the 3 Critical Building Blocks of Child Development:
 a) Critical Thinking
 b) Patience
 c) Creativity
- They are Fun and Engaging and “Secretly” Introduce Hard-to-Learn Subjects like Math, Engineering, and Mechanics so your Kid Learns them Faster
- Out of Hundreds of Potential Designs, Allessimo Hand-Picked the Top 12 Best “Brain Boosting” Puzzles for Boys & Girls
- This is the Perfect Bonding Experience for Parents & Kids. Allessimo Creates Life-Long Valuable Memories with Your Child.

Each puzzle comes with instructions as well as everything you would need to bring your puzzle to life including a paint brush and color chart (in the paint puzzle kits). Allessimo has a variety of great options to choose from; including zoo animals, mythical creatures, cars, and much more! My favorite part about these puzzles is how you could use them in a homeschool/virtual school lesson with ease.

My nine and a half year old daughter had little to no trouble building her flamingo (the puzzles say ages 5+), but even she had to have a little help figuring out where the pieces went and putting them into place. Lesson learned when putting these reality puzzles together, don't just punch out all the wooden pieces. The instructions label everything, but not the individual pieces. So be wise and learn from our ALL the instructions before starting. Even thought we made this classic error, we still were able to figure it out. My son who turned six in March, had to basically have his put together for him. But he did enjoy watching me put it together and I actually enjoyed it too.

They both loved painting them. My son actually normally doesn't like arts & crafts as much, but he did enjoy this. 

Right now their puzzles are on sale for only $24.97, but if you bundle you can get a puzzle for as low as $13.97. Use code DIANA10 for 10% off!

What do you think of these 3D puzzles? Drop by the Allessimo website and let me know which is your favorite in the comments!

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