4 Components of a Great Nights Sleep

A good night’s sleep can be hard to have when you tend to have a hectic daily schedule. Work, family, and life, in general, can all contribute to an overactive day, and thus poor-quality sleep at night. Furthermore, the consequences of consistently poor sleep can include higher levels of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, which will only make your days even more hectic.

4 Components of a Great Nights Sleep

To break that cycle, it is essential to place emphasis on getting a good night’s sleep. You can take proactive steps to increase the quantity and improve the quality of sleep that you get each night by incorporating these four components of a great night’s sleep.

1) The Right Mattress

If it has been more than the recommended eight years since you have changed out your mattress for a new one, it is time to make the investment in your sleep. Also, it's important to purchase a new bed that is suited to your personal needs. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can not only get in the way of a great night’s sleep, but it can also result in chronic back and neck pain. Many things make for the right mattress, so have a look at different materials and perform a mattress sizes comparison to find the right one for your specific needs. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can not only get in the way of a great night’s sleep, but it can also result in chronic back and neck pain.

2) A Room Designed for Sleep

Did you know that the design elements of your bedroom play a significant role in your ability to get a good night’s sleep? If you have bright colors on the walls along with busy photos or pieces of art, you might be sending your brain the wrong signals at night. A messy room can also have this effect, so make sure that you take the time to keep your room tidy.

When choosing the color of the walls in your bedroom, opt for calm and soothing hues like lavender or certain shades of blue. The things you choose to put on the walls should also be geared towards encouraging rest. Ocean scenes or simple floral pictures are great options to consider. Whatever you go with, try to keep your design as cohesive as possible to avoid a busy-looking result.

3) Routine

If you are in the habit of crashing into bed at a different time each night, you could be missing a trick when it comes a good night’s sleep. Rather, try developing a routine wherein you go to bed at roughly the same time each night. A solid and consistent bedtime routine might just be the component of a good night’s sleep that you are missing. Waking up at the same time every morning can also make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. You can also check sleep mastery course to learn more about creating a bedtime routine and establishing healthy sleep habits. It's important to stick with your routine, even on weekends or holidays.

4) Keep It Cool

The temperature in which you sleep at night is also a significant component of a good night’s sleep. Your body’s temperature drops a few degrees when you fall asleep, so try to keep your room’s temperature at around 67 degrees Fahrenheit at night or invest in a mattress for hot sleepers. In doing so, you help encourage your body to reach that optimal sleeping temperature sooner.

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  1. That is something I have been struggling with lately. A good mattress is a must. Quality sheets help also.


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