3 Reasons Why Pigeon Forge Is The Perfect Family Vacation Destination

When you're looking for the perfect family travel destination, there are a lot of different factors to consider. You need to find somewhere that has plenty of entertainment and activities to keep the kids busy, but you also need somewhere that is fun for the adults as well. You should also look for somewhere that has some good educational opportunities for kids. Pigeon Forge in the Smoky Mountains is an amazing destination that ticks all of those boxes. These are just some of the reasons why Pigeon Forge is the perfect family travel destination.

Great Entertainment

Evening entertainment is so important when you are traveling with kids because they will be bored if you are out in restaurants and bars every night. That’s one of the reasons why Pigeon Forge is ideal for a family vacation because there are so many options for great evening entertainment. You can rent some great cabins where you will have access to games rooms where the whole family can play. There are plenty of great dinner shows on as well, so you will never be at a loss for something to do with the kids.

National Parks

National parks are ideal for a family vacation because they give you the chance to go hiking with the kids and see all sorts of incredible wildlife. It’s a great learning opportunity, as well as a fun activity for the whole family. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has over 850 miles of hiking trails that are suited to different experience levels, so whether you are brand new to hiking or you have been hiking all around the world, you won’t miss out on any of the incredible views. The most popular family friendly hike takes you to Laurel Falls, a stunning 80 foot waterfall with breathtaking views.

As well as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you can visit Cades Cove. This beautiful valley is one of the most visited attractions in the area and when you go there, it’s easy to see why. There are some interesting historical buildings to explore as well, so it’s another good learning opportunity for the kids. While there, you will be able to spot a diverse range of different animals, including deer, racoons, and even black bears. Just make sure that you don’t approach any of the animals.


Any Dolly Parton fan will be in their element in Pigeon Falls because you get the chance to visit Dollywood. This amazing theme park is perfect for a family trip as there are plenty of rides and attractions to enjoy. The Wildwood Grove area, in particular, has been designed with families in mind so whether you are a Dolly Parton fan or not, you will have an absolute blast. In the summer, you can visit Splash Country, the waterpark area, to cool off from the heat.

If you are not sure where to go on your next family vacation, you should definitely consider a trip to Pigeon Forge because it has something for everybody.


  1. In my opinion, Pigeon Forge is an awesome place to go to on vacation!! A few of my friends moved down there 20 years ago. We visit each other every time we could. Every time I went back, I fell in love with the place! The scenery is gorgeous! The ma and pa restaurants have awesome homemade meals! Dollywood was down to earth fun!! There are also a few honky tonk country and western bars. Good music, line dancing, karaoke �� and people! I have wanted to move there so many times!! I couldn’t leave my family �� This definitely was pin worthy! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great place to visit and so many things to do. I was born and raised in TN so I have been there many times.

  3. My sister loves to vacation in Pigeon Forge and has talked about how wonderful it is. I would enjoy taking a trip there someday!


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