Mother's Day Gift Ideas You Can Order and Ship

Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Have you thought about what you are sending to your loved one? During these unprecedented times, I thought I would share what you can do for your mom or grandmother or matriarch of your family that you can buy online and ship straight to their door. I have shared in the past gift ideas for mom that don't cost any money and while some of them may still be able to be done, some can't. When you can't be there in person because you are protecting the person you love, then these are great options to share.

Aurate collar necklace

All of their gold is 100% recycled, sustainably handmade, casted, polished, and perfected in NYC by seventh generation craftsmen. Every single design goes through a rigorous 5-step testing process by their in-house team to make sure it can withstand and shine through whatever life throws your way. So you can wear it worry-free.
Fine jewelry deserves fair prices. And so do you. All of our jewelry is born, raised, and handmade in NYC. No import taxes, no unnecessary middlemen, no insane markups. And they produce pieces on a made-to-order basis so that you don’t pay for extra inventory costs. Because they love gold, but not price tags. Plus you can feel good about making a purchase from Aurate. Aurate believes in paying it forward. Which is why they give a portion of every purchase to support developing literacy of students in the US.

Hippie Pants

Hippie Pants has pants, shirts, bags, and kimonos which are all beautifully handmade in Thailand. They use only 100% cotton or bamboo rayon so their products are vegan friendly and cruelty free which means no silk, leather, or other animal byproducts. Their material is single origin, meaning they don’t ship materials from other countries during the manufacturing process. They also avoid the use of plastic, replacing it with other materials where possible like wooden buttons, etc. Their clothing is ideal for all seasons and follow timeless, original, and unique fashion trends. They are seriously one a kind designs. Hippie Pants are designed for maternity wear or for activities like, meditation, yoga, pilates, general relaxation, and so much more.
Purchase at, Use code MRSDCHASTAIN to save 15% off. Shipping available worldwide!

Flowers from Teleflora

This Mother’s Day, Teleflora®, the world’s leading floral delivery service, is celebrating moms everywhere who have taken remarkable measures to create normalcy for their families during a time of uncertainty with the launch of a new campaign, “A Mother’s Love.” “A Mother’s Love” is an extension of Teleflora’s ongoing "Love Out Loud" brand platform, encouraging people to share love. Teleflora encourages everyone to Love Out Loud this Mother’s Day by sending a stunning Teleflora floral bouquet ready to be enjoyed the moment it arrives at her door.
Say everything and share your “Love Out Loud®” with the gift of Teleflora® flowers—all made by hand and delivered by hand by your local florist. With more than 10,000 member florists in North America alone, Teleflora offers the kind of personal touches, artistry, and expertise you expect from a trusted neighborhood florist—even if that neighborhood is across the country. No prepackaged flowers in nondescript boxes dropped on your doorstep—Teleflora’s network of professional florists creates artistic arrangements personally delivered in a vase, often on the same day. Teleflora makes every day an occasion with a two-in-one gift that includes a multipurpose keepsake container for long-lasting enjoyment.
Purchase on, Use code UPSELLREC15 for 15% off when you upgrade a bouquet

Printsfield Socks

Printsfield is all about happiness, bright colors, surprise, and help. Choose your favorite bright-colored designs, personalize them with your pet’s, friend's, child's, or your own picture and impress everyone with the unique accessories or surprise your loved one with a great gift and - at the same time - help our four-legged brothers! 1% of every purchase is donated to their local animal shelter.
Purchase at Printsfield Socks, Save 20% with code nannytomommy20

Gifts from CanvasOnDemand

About CanvasOnDemand: "Our lives are full of cherished memories. Memories that make up a story. Memories that make up your story. At Canvas On Demand, our passion is printing the memories that matter the most to you. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home with your family’s favorite moments, or seeking to give a personal and meaningful gift to a friend or family member, we look forward to making that dream a reality. Our motto, Make Sweet Memories, is not just about printing your memories. We want you to go and make more memories too. Our easy-to-use tools and affordable prices make ordering canvas prints a breeze. So go out there and make sweet memories. We’ll be here when you’re ready to show them off."
Purchase on, use code jxbv60 for 40% off

Winc Wine Subscription

Winc is not your traditional wine club: They are a direct-distribution global wine company that personalizes the entire wine experience. They are perfecting how wine is made, distributed, perceived, and purchased via their Palate Profile quiz that recommends wine based on your unique tastes and enjoyed on behalf of a new generation of wine drinkers. It takes the hassle and guesswork out of picking a bottle from your local liquor store and delivers the perfect bottle directly to your doorstep. They do all this as part of their quest to improve the experience for consumers, create a platform for artisanal winemaking, and build a grape-to-glass supply chain that's sustainable for the planet. No more intimidating language and steep price points, and more joy in the act of sharing a bottle.
Purchase on, click link for $22 discount + complimentary shipping on your first order!

Neveo Journals

Neveo is a photo journal for grandparents fed monthly by their family. Neveo helps strengthen the bond between grandparents and their families. Neveo strengthens intergenerational ties through the use of familiar tools adapted to everyone: the smartphone for the youngest, paper for the oldest. It's the perfect family gift! Neveo is very easy to use : download our application, create an account, add other family members if you wish, post pictures and write captions. On the last day of every month, we handle all the rest: layout, printing, and postal delivery at your parents’ or grandparents’!
Download the Neveo app, Use code FAMILY to save 50% off a journal for 3 months!

Keto Sweet Sampler Pack from Explorado Market

14 mighty samplers, what a deal! Explorado Market makes the decision easy, buy mom this power packed Keto sampler so she can eat something sweet this Mother's Day without the guilt. It's full of treats with a guarantee that she will not be taken out of Ketosis. Mom is going to love the taste and texture. They make treats that are just as tasty as the sugar-filled stuff, but theirs doesn't come with a load of guilt. There's no need to turn back now, we've got you. Included in the Keto Sweet Sampler: Chocolate Chips Soft Batch Cookies, Double Chocolate Soft Batch Cookies, Cinnamon Roll Soft Batch Cookies, Cranberry Orange Soft Batch Cookies, Strawberry Lime Fat Fit Go Sachets, Premium Chocolate Fat Fit Go Sachets, and Keto Chocolate Chip Sachets.
Purchase on

What gift is your favorite? Which one would you like to receive? What gift do you plan on sending?


  1. I like these ideas. The socks are a pretty fun idea, lol.

  2. I had to pin these awesome ideas! Shopping will be online since our lockdown is until May 30th! I have used Teleflora before! Their arrangements are gorgeous!! Let’s not forget to buy the wine ��
    Thank you for sharing! Be safe ��

  3. These are some great ideas!

  4. These ideas are wonderful! I especially love the canvas print and bouquet. Teleflora has such beautiful arrangements!

  5. Really great ideas. I love canvas prints.

  6. wow I love that collar necklace, it looks so elegant

  7. I love that collar neckalce. It is so simple but eyecatching at the same time.

  8. My Mom would've loved the Winc wine subscription!! I have to remember it for the next occasion.

  9. Buying gifts for my mom is always difficult as I want to get her something that she wouldn't typically buy for herself! Thank you for these ideas I think they are great options

  10. love all these gift ideas! thanks!

  11. love all the gift ideas! thanks!

  12. love your blog!! I love the idea of a classic gold necklace for Mom - a timeless piece of jewelry! thanks for the inspiration :)


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