6 Reasons To Choose New York for Your Next Family Vacation

Deciding where to go on your next family vacation is a tough one. There are so many amazing places on your bucket list, so how do you narrow it down? You absolutely love travelling as a family, especially to new and vibrant destinations. If you have never been to New York City, this is definitely the perfect place for you to go. There are a tonne of exciting activities that will keep your little ones entertained throughout the whole trip, so check out some ideas below.

1.Visit the Animals

If you’re heading to New York with your little ones you have to visit The Bronx Zoo; it’s the perfect place to see beautiful animals in their habitats. Going to the zoo is one of the best things to do with kids in New York, because it can teach your kids all about wildlife from elephants to zebras. The children’s zoo is open seasonally and offers a farmyard where they can pet sheeps, goats and donkeys.

2. Ice Skating

The iconic Rockefeller Center ice rink is a must do for all parents and their children in New York. During the holiday season the rink is open for extra sessions, but you can usually book in an hour and a half slot anytime between October and April. If your kids aren’t so hot at ice skating you can even book in some lessons too!

3. VR World

Older kids will absolutely love the thrill of VR World; with a tonne of gaming experience, movies and music this is a great day long event to enjoy with everyone in your family. Be aware that kids under the age of seven won’t be permitted to partake in the activities.

4. A Run Around Central Park

Let the kids burn off some steam in the beautiful, vast grounds of Central Park. You will be astounded at how stunning the park is (and how big it is too!). Grab a football and let them have a kick about or let them cartwheel until their hearts content.

5. Catch a Live Show

The New Victory Theater in New York is always looking to bring more children into the world of performing arts. Your children will be inspired by the music, musicals and plays on offer at this venue in the heart of the city. Families are encouraged to visit and participate as much as possible; every show at this theater really is inclusive and immersive on so many levels.

6. The Museum of Natural History

Whether they’re learning some hands-on science or checking out some fossils, the American Museum of Natural History is the perfect activity for all the family. The exhibits are informative and exciting, so you’re bound to learn a lot from the day.

Whether you’re visiting the zoo or heading to a museum, there are so many fun things to do with your kids in New York. Although it’s an incredibly busy city with lots of walking to do, you can create an amazing experience for the whole family as long as you plan your activities ahead of time.

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