Best Valentine Box Ideas on Pinterest

My son and daughter have been making Valentine Boxes since they were in pre-school. This year my son knew he wanted to make a shark and my daughter had no idea, so we searched Pinterest. And in my search for the something that sparked my daughter's interest, I decided to create this list of 20 of the Best Valentine Box Ideas that I have found on Pinterest. I have also shared some of our from years past as well.

1. A One Eyed, One Horn Flying Purple People Eater or Monster. I think the idea of making a monster is too super cute. My son made one last year. You simply use the mouth as the place that the cards go in. And I think a one eyed, one horn flying purple people eater? Who doesn't love that cheesy song.

2. Princess Castle. I made this castle a few years ago for my daughter, she decorated it. We made it out of a cereal box and two paper towel rolls. It was her first ever Valentine Box. There are so many elaborate ones on Pinterest, but since this list is all about easy, I thought I would share the one we made because I'm all about ease! DIY Castle Valentine Box

3. Unicorn. I have a free printable for this that you can find here. We have done a few versions of this now. There are some super creative ones that include the entire body, but I didn't want my daughter's to be too bulky that she couldn't fit it in her school bag.

3. Flower Box. There so many creative ways to make a flower box for Valentine's Day. We had a box that was uniquely already cut and folded into a flower shape at the top, then we added a door. But I personally love this Stranger Things "Flower" Box.

4. Penguin Valentine Box. I love this sweet little penguin that a user uploaded on Pinterest. I love it because it is simple, uses the complete shape of the box, and it even includes heart shapes as well.

5. Owl Valentine Box. This is such a classic Valentine Box idea. I remember searching for Valentine Boxes years ago when my daughter had to make her first one and this was one of the first ones to pop up.

6. Simple Mailbox. This mailbox idea really takes it up a notch! I love the curve top, there are a ton of different varieties of mailboxes on Pinterest, but this one is definitely my favorite!

7. Shark or Whale. That was my son's request this year. A Shark doo-doo doo-doo. But you could very easily turn this into a whale. Add some googly eyes and boom. Super easy and he told me he loved it because "it looks so real".

8. Lego Box. There are so many options of this as well. I love this simple box idea, but you could also use actually building block legos to make a box or just cut a slit in the top to make easier access for little ones to drop Valentines in.

9. Mermaid Valentine Box. There is so many cute ones online for this as well. But my daughter decided to create an easy mermaid tail this year. She did cut each scale out and paste them on the box by hand. You can find a mermaid tail template here.

10. Robot Valentine Box. Not too complicated and super easy with some red solo cups. In my search for Boy Valentine Boxes that were actually easy to re-create, I did find a ton of robots.

11. Dinosaur Valentine Box. I found this uploaded by a user on Pinterest. She used tissue boxes, one square and one rectangle. How easy is that!?

12. Custom Neon Valentine Box: This trendy option allows you to personalize your box with vibrant neon colors and designs. Imagine a box adorned with glowing hearts, cupid arrows, and personalized messages in bright neon lights. Spread the love this Valentine's Day with neon signs that will make everyone's hearts light up with joy.

Which Valentine Box is your favorite?

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