How to Stimulate Your Child’s Creativity

Everyone would like to be creative, of course, but once you’re an adult, it’s kind of already decided whether you have a creative mind or not. That’s because, first, our brains are more “set in their ways,” and two, because we don’t have as much time as we would like to train our mind to be more creative. Creativity isn’t a gift; it’s trained into your brain. The best time to do this is when you’re young. A person who is creatively stimulated when they’re in their early years will carry that way of thinking through into adulthood. So it’s a good idea to feed your child’s creativity. We show you some ways how to do it below.

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Indulge Their Conversations

It’s always sad to see a parent that tells their child to be quiet when they’re asking “annoying questions.” While this approach will bring a few minutes (or seconds) of peace, it’s also stunting that child’s creative sides. Don’t forget: creativity breeds more creativity. If you could indulge your child’s whacky conversations, you might just see that they end up walking down an interesting creative path. It’s not about answering all of their million questions, but showing them how to think. And hey, you might just feed your own creativity at the same time, too.

Creative Play Time

When it comes to giving your child a fun hour, then there’s always a temptation to sit them down in front of a television. Without a doubt, there’s a lot of entertainment shows out there. But this is more of a passive activity, it doesn’t breed creativity. Instead, it’s best to fill your home with toys that will feed their information. Play kitchens and similar products are useful for this kind of thing. Your child and their friends will stir their imaginations as they invent all kinds of creative scenarios. Let them play for a little while, and you might just be surprised at what sort of creative storylines they come up with.

Art and Books in the Home

Children will always be curious. So the question is: what is going to feed their curiosity in your home? Studies have shown that children that grow up in homes that have a lot of art on the walls and books on the shelf end up with more vivid imaginations than children that grow up in homes without those things. So look at adding them -- they won’t just help your child, they’ll also improve your house, too. Outside of the home, you can feed their imagination by taking them to fun museums and art galleries. Modern art galleries are especially good for children, as our hands-on science museums.

Let Them Be

Finally, the best way to feed a child’s creativity is to simply let them be. Let them follow their creative thoughts to completion. You’ll make things easier for yourself by overly directed their actions, but it’s not necessarily what will be best for them. Their minds are vivid -- don’t try and stifle it!

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