These 5 Activities Are Great For Toddler Brain Training

Many parents find it is relatively easy to care for their child’s nutritional needs given the abundance of literature and information available. However, developing your child’s brain in dynamic and interesting ways is equally important.

Toddler brain training is vital to allow their natural curiosity and interest in the external world to flourish. The habits you set down in these early years can provide them with a lifelong love of learning. This can help them be mentally healthy and successful in all their future pursuits. It all starts with some simple activities you can do with your toddler today.

Let’s look at five specific activities you can do with your child to facilitate your toddler’s brain development.

Building Blocks

If your toddler has the makings of a successful future architect, you can inspire them through one of the most basic activities out there. Simple building blocks, preferably in different colors and sizes, are great for allowing your child to explore their ability to manipulate objects in space. You can even turn this into a stacking contest to see how tall of a tower they can make without it falling over.

While younger children are better suited for larger blocks that do not represent a choking hazard, as your child grows up you can transition to Lego and other connectable building toys to expand their constructive horizons.

Matching Games

Using premade cards, or even cards that you have drawn yourself, allow your child to find the matching pairs of images. Flip the cards to hide the image and slowly reveal them one at a time for your toddler. Ask them if the drawing on the card matches the one you are searching for. Continue with the game until all cards have been paired with their appropriate match.

As your child gets older, you can turn this into a memory-boosting game by returning the cards to their flipped overstate after an incorrect match.

Story Time

After about two years of age, your child is sure to enjoy story time. The best part is that it can boost their brainpower at the same time! Read simple stories with your toddler and be sure to point to the action in pictures throughout the book. You can even try asking your toddler what they think will happen next before flipping the page to see their creativity at work!

Mirror Games

For younger toddlers, you can use a simple household mirror for a consciousness-expanding adventure for your child. Try sitting with your toddler in front of a mirror. Make different funny faces and encourage your child to do the same. This early self-expression can help them form a better understanding of their identity.

Crayons And Paint

Using non-toxic crayons and paint with some white paper is a great way for your child to explore their creative side. If your child is quite young, try taping the paper to a hard surface to keep it from moving around as they work. You will have to coach your child in the basics of painting on a surface so be ready to demonstrate your own artistic talents. Be sure to have a wide variety of colors available to allow your toddler to properly express themselves.

Give Your Child The Stimulus To Flourish

Toddlers are incredibly open to exploring new things and learning about themselves and the world. Use this time wisely by providing your child with novel and interesting activities to stimulate their developing brains.

With daily play and activities like the ones outlined here, your child will improve their ability to think analytically, problem solve, be more spatially aware, and think creatively.


  1. Give your baby a good start before birth. Stay healthy while you are pregnant, and be aware that certain drugs can be destructive to your baby's brain in utero. Many children who were drug-abused in the womb struggle with severe learning problems and suddenly act with unprovoked aggressive behaviors.

  2. Well, I can honestly say that the same things you listed here are the same activities that I used for my children years ago!! I even used just about the same things for my Babies/Toddler Brain Training!!
    They loved to play games and I loved hearing them giggling!! Kids are getting smarter and smarter! I pinned this! Thank you for sharing!


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