5 Tips for Creating Your Own Homemade Cards

Nothing shows you care more than homemade cards. We take a look at some key tips for creating beautiful cards of your own.

Despite our rapidly growing digital world, Americans still collectively buy over six billion greeting cards each year. The extra touch of adding a personal message for a gift's occasion isn't going away.

With the countless options to choose from at every drugstore and retail shop, it can sometimes be challenging to find a card with the right expression. Most of us begin cherishing the thoughtfulness of greeting cards as we get older.

While we scramble to find something to wrap, many times a card can stand alone as the perfect gift when made with our own hands and imagination. Keep reading for five key tips in creating homemade cards of your own and how to sign a birthday card.

1. Get Creative With Supplies

Crafting a thoughtful greeting card is more than folding a piece of paper and using a ballpoint pen. Instead, this may include markers, paint, or decorative edge scissors. Fortunately, you don't have to break the bank stocking up on essential supplies.

Items you may already have around the house such as highlighters, whiteout fluid, or a hole puncher can easily suffice for adding creative flair. If you're in need of thicker paper, taping together two or more sheets helps strengthen a card and prevents ink from bleeding through.

2. Rehearse Your Design

The best part about making greeting cards from scratch is there are no rules for what constitutes as perfect. It's okay for there to be tiny imperfections since your card is one of a kind and not mass- produced. This is what makes it perfect for the recipient.

In order to avoid running out of paper or supplies, brainstorm your design first on a scratch piece of paper. Practice drawing and writing down any message you plan to include. Sometimes an idea we have in our mind comes to life differently on paper.

3. Who Says You Can't Go Digital?

When we think of how to make greeting cards, it's natural to envision traditional arts and crafts. Many creative minds, however, may work better on a computer using graphic design techniques as opposed to drawing.

This allows you to try different designs without the waste bin filling up with crumpled paper. It's also a great opportunity to use a special image on photo or text designs that are unique to the recipient. This could be a picture of a special memory or an original design.

4. Make It Come to Life

Traditionally greeting cards are flat and two-dimensional, yet modern designs offer innovative techniques with pop up art or audio recordings. Although this requires more effort and planning, you can very well replicate this from home!

Use leftover scrap paper to fold together and tape to the inside. You can use a recordable sound chip available from many electronic suppliers to add your voice or special audio clip. Tape this in between two or more pieces of paper to keep it concealed.

5. Add Personal Touches

When you've finally crafted your perfect greeting card, put it down for a little bit then circle back with a fresh mind. There are likely minor accents you can add to make it an even more personal gift.

Putting the date of a special occasion on the top right-hand corner on the inside or reciting a thoughtful quote are simple, yet memorable techniques. You can even create your own envelope to house the greeting card and add further design. And of course, don't forget to sign your card.

Making Unique Homemade Cards

Just like any other gift, it's the thought that counts when making homemade cards. Don't let limited artistic ability or resources discourage your efforts. Just the fact you took the time to craft a unique card for someone is a gift within itself.

As you come up with an original idea for your greeting cards, don't be afraid to draw inspiration from other card ideas that you can modify into a unique design.

Whether it's a birthday or holiday, many times of the year call for gift giving and Nanny to Mommy can help. Check out our gift guide section for developing gift ideas to accompany your homemade card!


  1. In my opinion, homemade cards are the best. When my kids were young, they always felt bad, because they had no money or not enough money to buy a card. I would tell them that homemade cards were from the heart and just as good or even better than homemade cards. Just about anything can be used in making a card. I really like your thoughts on stepping away from the project, and then ‘circle back’ with a fresh mind! There are crafting things all around everyone’s house - one person’s garbage- is another person’s treasure! The digital idea is awesome �� After all we are in the digital age. ‘‘Tis was pin worthy. This would be a wonderful activity to do with my grandkids whose mom has a birthday on this Sunday. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I would love to make homemade cards instead of paying all that money just for one card, and plus i can be more creative!

  3. Ashley Chassereau Parks10/03/2019 10:11:00 PM

    I've never been too good at designing cards, but my daughters love to make them!! They definitely like to get creative with the design! They love adding sticker to their cards the most!


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