Let’s Talk About Toys

We all know that kids have tons of toys because they are often left on full display all over the floor. As much as you try and clean up, you know that the toys will be splayed all around the place a few minutes later. Thus you need to find effective ways of storage in order to encourage a tidy bedroom rather than a jungle.

All in all, to cut to the chase; a plain box simply does not cut it. Children do not respond to them. They see it as a pointless piece of furniture. You need to find storage methods which are exciting, have the appearance of a toy and thus appear fun to the child. This is not only important for the bedroom but daycare centers too. This will encourage children to put their toys away because they will no longer see the task as a chore.

In order to give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of the top storage ideas for kids’ bedrooms. Take a look at the products below in order to gain some inspiration and ideas for toy storage…

Hello Kitty Toy Box

If your little girl is a Hello Kitty fan then this is certainly the storage solution for her. The box is pale pink and bright pink in colour. Moreover, it features the most adorable image of Hello Kitty riding her car with a toy duck attached to the back. This is something which will add tons of personality to your child’s room whilst also ensuring that the toys stay tidily tucked away. It is suitable for children aged over three years old. Moreover, the size of the toy box is as follows; 40 cm in height x 60 cm in width x 40 cm in depth.

KidSaw Skip Toy Box

This is one of the best boy’s toy boxes available on the market today. It will turn your little one into a real-life Bob the Builder, and everyone knows that a good builder cleans up after themselves. The box can easily be put together, thus you need not worry about any tricky assembly process. The best thing about this toy box has to be the JCB logo on the front. A final point worth noting is that the size of the KidSaw Skip Toy Box is as follows; 38.5 cm in depth x 33 cm in height x 61.5 cm in width.

Cars 2 Pop Up Cube Tidy

If you are looking for a solution which is effective yet cheap in price, then this is certainly the option for you. This Cars 2 Pop Up Cube is bright blue and red in design and features a picture of two cars on the front; featuring the popular Lightening McQueen. It is worth noting that the toy box is suitable for those aged over two years old and is 43 cm in height x 29 cm in width x 29 cm in depth in size.


  1. Love your ideas for storing the toys,I kind of like the cubes that you can stack and can also fold away flat!!

  2. I have to say the three Kermit the frogs �� were a great idea! Hear, See, Speak that’s exactly what kids do when you tell them it’s clean up time!! We bought a character toy box. Some of my grandkids liked it so much, they decided to make it “prettier and “better”. Well that meant using the markers to do this! They found out that crayons �� did not work so well on the hard plastic. Like you pointed out, it did make cleanup time better and they even put/laid the toys in it easier so as not to ruin it. I had to pin! Thank you for sharing ��


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