Steps You Can Take Now To See Your Kids Acing Their Homework This September

Summer break might seem like it just started, but the holidays are in full swing and it’ll be back to school before we know it. While there are still a fair few weeks of relaxation to enjoy, then, it’s about time you started turning your mind to school again. One look at the shops will certainly tell you that it’s past time to stock up on all those back to school goodies.

And, the school prep doesn’t stop there. If you want your kids to perform well this term, it’s also worth considering the ways you can prepare them for their work, too. Of course, giving them pre-class worksheets wouldn’t exactly be fair when the sun is shining. But, you can still guarantee their performance by getting ahead with a bit of homework prep.

The fact is that school homework gets harder and more intense with every year that passes. By getting ahead, you give your kids the best chance at coming top of the class and dealing with the load. But, how exactly can you start preparing for the September homework already?

Find fun ways to start learning now

As mentioned, writing up worksheets for your kids now would be pretty mean considering they’re on break. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t start them learning a few things now ready for September. The chances are that you already have a basic idea of what they’ll be learning next year, so use that to your advantage. Plan fun yet educational days out based around their upcoming curriculum. If you know they’re studying a particular period in history, for example, you could take them to see sights relating to that time. Then, they’ll be ready for their homework the second term starts.

Get your computer ready

The vast majority of homework is now computer-based, so the first and easiest prep you can take is to get your family computer ready. Delays or crashes here could leave your kids unable to do their homework or stressed when they finally get down to it. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you should update your systems in advance. Switching to MasOS Catalina now, for instance, could work the world of wonders. Given that a lot of people are asking is macOS Catalina stable right now, this headstart will also allow you to troubleshoot any potential problems. Alongside this prep, you could also benefit from installing antivirus software. By then running some basic checks, you can make 100% certain that your computer is ready to go where homework is concerned.

Write up a schedule

Lastly, you could always get ahead by writing up a homework schedule. Admittedly, this may need to change depending on their workload and individual projects. Still, having a basic homework schedule in place the moment term starts can help to form positive habits. If your kids start September doing their homework the moment they get home, after all, they’re more liable to take that forward through the rest of the year.


  1. These are great tips. A schedule is really important.

  2. Love these tips. It's always when we need the computer the most is when were having issues.

  3. Anything you can do to help kids get back in to the homework groove is bound to help. These tips look good.

  4. Good tips, my daughter is a senior this year and a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to getting homework done. She gets good grades, but is often up very late trying to finish a project or report so we need to work on making better use of time.

  5. I don’t have any school aged children anymore, but I have a lot of grandkids that we try to help. These are great guidelines! I mean I heard that they even use their phones at times. I don’t know if it’s true, but school procedures are different from the time my kids attended. So thank you! I need all the help I can get! Pin worthy! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Very good tips. Having a schedule helps everyone.

  7. Just by reading your article, one can tell that you’re a mom! Even as a grandma, I need refresher tips! Things are always changing and knowledge is power when it comes to helping kids! One thing I remember doing is having my kids practice their penmanship! The teacher kept telling them that if she can’t read it then it’s wrong! She isn’t going to assume that they had the correct answer! That’s not learning! Wise teacher! This was pin worthy! Thank you for sharing!!


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