Awesome Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

I have shared my Mother's Day gift ideas that don't cost money and now I'm sharing my gift ideas that do. Whether she is the one who gave you life or not, Mother's Day is a perfect way to show the mother figure that has been there for you how much you love and care about her. I think these make great gift ideas, but I truly think that the best gift you can give your mom is your time. These are gift ideas that I personally think would make awesome gift ideas too.

Although some products were received for consideration and some links are affiliate, these are all serious product considerations for awesome gift ideas for Mother's Day that I would personally LOVE to receive.

The Ultimate Mother's Day Hydration Gift

Unlike an ordinary water pitcher, The Swirl Water Aretor Carafe utilizes cutting-edge Vortex Technology to revitalize tap water to restore it to its natural form, achieving: Significantly improved cell absorption, Balanced pH levels, and transforming tap water into Delicious-tasting water!
The Swirling motion increases water oxygen levels by 80% in just 7 minutes, enabling both adults and kids to achieve optimal hydration, enjoy a refreshing new crisp taste, and enhance overall health.
Benefits of the MAYU Swirl carafe:
- Transform tap water to Delicious-tasting water
- Balance PH levels
- Allows optimal health for both Adults and kids
- Helps diminish dry skin
- Developed for 7 years by a team of water scientists
- Featured by NBC, E! & POOSH
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We believe that jewelry is not just an accessory but a legacy, a tangible piece of emotion and elegance that transcends trends. Aprnji is our new attempt to deliver affordable, yet fashionable jewellery.

In a world where extravagance is often associated with mindlessness, Aprnji stands as a champion of Mindful Extravagance. From elegant chains to chic bracelets, we create each piece with precision and passion. Our jewelry is carefully crafted with a commitment to sustainability, that transforms precious materials of pure 22K gold into symbols of lasting value. Making it the perfect gift to your loved ones!

We also offer many benefits like
1. Free shipping on orders.
2. 10% discount (when you subscribe to our email)
3. 30 days return policy!
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AudioLife steps into the memoir category with a fresh new take on creating your legacy. Traditional memoir books require up to a year to produce and weekly writing exercises. AudioLife makes the experience of preserving your story fun, easy, and quick. Join their friendly interviewer in a virtual studio and record your memoir in as little as an hour. Tell your memories in your voice and preserve them for generations to come. Then share your professionally edited podcast with loved ones. No expensive books to print and ship, just a link to your episode that can always be with them on their phones ready to be enjoyed.
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REVIVV for Her 3 Month Hair Rejuvenation Serum

REVIVV for Her is a dermatologist-recommended, patent-pending topical formula that has been developed to support thicker, healthier, and fuller looking hair. Our team of doctors and scientists formulated REVIVV with high-grade natural ingredients to target the key aggravators of hair thinning. REVIVV for Her has been optimized with ingredients specifically for women. For men, we recommend REVIVV for Him. REVIVV was developed for use as a standalone product but can be used in combination with other products.
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Love By Emi baby soothers

At Love By Emi we know a well-rested family is a happy family. We love sleep, but more importantly we love when our children sleep. Our musical Lovey range is designed to enhance sleep independence, giving Mom more time back in her day and reducing night wake ups.
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Foot Petals Ball of Foot Cushions

The metatarsals refer to the five long bones found in each foot. Together, the metatarsal and tarsal bones help to form the main arches of the foot, which are essential for weight-bearing and walking. Metatarsal pads are great for keeping your foot from siding forward in your shoe. Don't let uncomfortable flip flops ruin your latest look. Foot Petals ball of foot cushions keep your feet from sliding forward and reduce burning pain for a comfortable stride. These innovative ball of foot cushions feature a unique toe-post crest designed to reduce pressure on your toes while you rock your favorite thong sandals. Reusable from sandal to sandal, they're a must for all your favorite styles.

Flowers from Teleflora

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Teleflora is celebrating and embracing all sides of Mom–even the ones she doesn’t always show – in its new campaign, "MotHER: ATeleflora Love Story." Acording to a Pew Research Center survey, being a parent is a key part of most moms’ personal identity. In fact, 85% of moms say being a parent is the most, or one of the most, important aspects of who they are as a person. The ad captures the pivotal moments that shaped Mom ahead of motherhood. From traveling the world to jumping out of planes to singing in a band, the ad shows how Mom was wild and willful, ambitious, and adventurous, and fun and flirty. She is still all those things and more. Before she was a mother, she was HER.

Teleflora Mother’s Day Sweepstakes: Extending the campaign theme of paying tribute to Mom, Teleflora is encouraging consumers to showcase HER on social media. Now through May 13, consumers can post their own Instagram Reel using Teleflora’s unique “MotHER” template to highlight their mother for a chance to win one of 20 Teleflora bouquets. The official rules and details can be found at

Mother’s Day Bouquet Lineup: Celebrate HER and share your #LoveOutLoud with a unique Teleflora arrangement. Teleflora’s best-selling Mother’s Day lineup features beautifully curated arrangements always made by hand and delivered to your doorstep by a local florist. Each bouquet comes complete with a festive keepsake container that can be incorporated into home d├ęcor for years to come. Use my unique promo code TELEFLORAMDAY7 to enjoy 20% off your next Teleflora purchase.
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REVO Walking Pad Treadmill for Home with Remote

REVO WALKING PAD TREADMILL: The REVO Jogger is the best portable treadmill for home or office. It's never been easier to get your 10,000 steps each day at speeds up to 4mph, an ideal walking/jogging pace for most adults.
DON'T NETFLIX & CHILL, NETFLIX & WALK INSTEAD: Our premium walking treadmill is equipped with an easy-to-use remote. It's built to last, whisper quiet, it's a truly durable lightweight treadmill that's designed to accommodate most people (Up to 6ft 6in & 300lbs)>
THIS UNDER DESK TREADMILL HAS ALL THE BELLS & WHISTLES: Track your steps, calories, distance, and time with a built-in LED dashboard. With 12 different workout modes controlled by a remote (included) there's a workout for everyone no matter where you are in your fitness journey.
REVOLUTIONARY ENGINEERING BACKED BY 2 YEAR REPLACEMENT POLICY: The only treadmills for home that are backed by a 2 Year Promise. Unlike other brands that are made with cheap plastic and flimsy materials, the REVO doesn't cut any corners.
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Jewelry from Cate & Chloe

Inspired by their favorite designers, the creators of Cate & Chloe wanted simple, versatile, elegant pieces that would complete every woman’s personal collection. After experiencing life in the working world, they found there was little time to let their inner fashion guru shine! They wanted to create an easy place for young professionals to find classic, timeless accessories that would add a little glamour to an everyday look. Since the inception of Cate & Chloe, the visionaries have continued to strive for the highest level of quality, innovation, and timeless designs to ensure its avid followers are able to flaunt C&C pieces from the Red Carpet to the office!
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House Cleaning from Handy

Handy is the leading platform for connecting individuals looking for household services with top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals. From home cleaning to handyman services, Handy instantly matches thousands of customers every week with top-rated professionals in cities all around the world. With a seamless 60-second booking process, secure payment, and backed by the Handy Happiness Guarantee, Handy is the easiest, most convenient way to book home services.
Schedule today at, use code AFFSAVE30 for 30% off 1st cleaning.

Zonli Cooling Blanket

This two-tone blanket features Chillmax ™ cooling fabric on one side and cozy polyester on the other, allowing you to switch up the feel depending on whether you need warmth or a chill.
The Cool Technology Fabric can quickly absorb body heat, causing a 2–5-degree drop in body temperature, providing cool relief that lasts up to 12 hours.
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This Mother's Day, give mom the gift of ultimate relaxation and convenience with the VOLO Spa Wrap! Elevate her self-care routine with this luxurious hands-free option that will make her feel like she's floating on a cloud. Our exclusive Nanoweave™ fabric is the epitome of comfort and luxury, making this spa wrap a must-have for any busy mom looking to unwind in style. Treat your mom to something special this year with the VOLO Spa Wrap - she deserves it!
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Vornado’s Heaters

Is your mom always reaching for an extra blanket or turning up the thermostat because she's feeling chilly? This Mother's Day, why not surprise her with the perfect gift to keep her warm and cozy all year round? Look no further than Vornado's new line of VMH whole-room metal heaters. The VMHi300 and VMHi600 are the ultimate combination of style, comfort, and efficiency - making them a gift that mom will truly appreciate. Say goodbye to cold nights and hello to warmth with Vornado!
Vornado has upgraded its line of VMH whole-room metal heaters with two new models, the VMHi300 and the VMHi600 (both just launched in September 2023). The VMHi300 delivers the epitome of comfort and efficiency while complementing your style.
Its many unique features include:
A cool-touch, powder-coated metal cabinet.
A metal inlet grille that keeps dust (and fingers) at bay.
Dials that feel great in your hands.
Discreet cord storage.
Vornado’s signature Whole Room Vortex Heat Circulation.
Tip-over protection.
Automatic safety shut-off system.
Two quiet heat settings- Low/750W or high/1500W.
An adjustable thermostat.
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What are some of your favorite gifts to give the mom in your life?


  1. I know this post is from last year, but I bet it could go well for this year to. I love that weighted blanket and that necklace you are wearing is gorgeous!.

  2. These are some great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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