Gift Ideas for Mom That Don’t Cost Money

Mother's Day kind of snuck up on me this year. Did you know that this year Mother's Day was May 12, 2019? It's not that it isn't special to me. I no longer have any living grandparents and my mom is my only living parent, so Mother's Day is kind of a big deal. There has just been a lot of things that have happened emotionally in the last few months that have been distracting and I'll hopefully talk about them soon. So because sometimes planned ahead gifts don't happen like we would like, I wanted to share some gift ideas with you that your mom (or mom figure) will love and they don't cost anything but your time.

Gift Ideas for Mom That Don’t Cost Money

Free Gift Ideas for Mother's Day:

1. Wash Her Car. And detail it as best you can. That means towel dry it so there are no water spots and vacuum every nook and cranny you can with what you have on hand to do it with. She will appreciate it SO MUCH!

2. Make a homemade card. Seriously. My kids used leftover receipts to make me a random card one time and I still have them. Do you know how much a homemade card would mean from a grown up, full adult child? The world.

3. Cook Her Breakfast or Dinner. Make something you know she actually enjoys AND you have to clean up afterwards. It doesn't count if she has to clean up the aftermath. My sister dirties almost every dish in the kitchen when she cooks, can you imagine cleaning up after THAT?! And my husband cooks breakfast when he is off of work, no questions asked, so if you are giving a gift then it has to be different, special, and unique from what you regularly do.

4. Let Her Escape - that means watching the kids or an older loved one so she can a few minutes to herself. Also everything must be as clean as it was left, there is nothing worse than coming from “me time” just to make up everything that wasn’t done while you were gone. She can use this time to do whatever she wants, but you also can't put a tight timeframe on it because that will just stress her out so she can't enjoy it.

5. Clean a room the way she likes it. You know what I mean. Either she has gone back and rearranged the pillows to her liking or told you to do something a different way. This time when you clean up, clean up like she was right there correcting you along the way. I do this every year for mom since she hates cleaning her kitchen.

6. Spend the Day Putting Pictures in Albums. My mom has TONS of printed pictures, but she has never gotten around to putting them in albums...even though she has the photo albums. So I thought what a great opportunity to look through all of these memories with her and get her a little organized as well. If you haven't yet though, you should print your mom some pictures too.

7. Go to Church with Her. Or bingo or a free local crafting event or whatever else her hobby may be. She wants to share her life with you.

8. Let her sleep in. So maybe I am throwing in a few gifts for the mom in your life even if isn't necessarily your mom. When my husband is off of work, he lets me sleep in and honestly? It is one of the best gifts he gives me. He isn't off work often on the weekends and even then we have sports, but when he is off during the week and offers to get the kids ready and take them to school? He is my hero.

Let me know some of the ways you "gift" your mom that don't cost anything. And wouldn't it be awesome if you did these things not just on Mother's Day? Your mom is the person that brought you into this world, she loves you unconditionally no matter what you are going through and no matter how hard you are making it for others to love you. A "mom" doesn't have to be the person that gave birth to you either. My mother-in-law has done SO much for me. She has been in my life since I was 18, basically a baby in my eyes now. My husband still gives her mom a rose for Valentine's Day. Little things like that are ways that you can make your mom feel loved and special too. These ideas may seem simple, but they can show someone you love them and care about them without having to buy a bunch of ridiculous stuff or spend a buch of money. 

Please let me know who you plan to spoil this Mother's Day, if anyone. And also share any no cost gift ideas in the comments below too.


  1. Don't forget your daughter on Mother's Day! Offer to take the kids for the day!

  2. Since Mother's Day is coming up, this is good to read.

  3. These are all great ideas. My Mother would appreciate all of them.

  4. Ashley Chassereau Parks5/06/2019 10:55:00 PM

    I lost my dad tragically last October, so I'm the same as you.... no grandparents and my mom is my only parent left. I definitely want to make her Mothers Day special. I love these ideas! She has asked me repeatedly to go to church with her, but we have't because she lives an hour and a half away. I think maybe we need to get up early and surprise her this year.


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