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My daughter loves school and learning. I know that this isn't the case for all. My son just turned five and when he starts kindergarten next year, I know we will have our hands full especially when it comes to homework. But if you're child is like my son and school aged 2nd to 5th grade, I thought I would share our experience with a wonderful supplement to homeschool or at home tutoring program focusing on math.

Revolution Math Review

We were recently introduced to Revolution Math. Revolution Math is an online, after-school program designed to help 2nd-5th graders develop their math skills and overall love of learning. Small groups of 3-4 students are matched with a live tutor as they go on weekly story-based adventures, using math to solve mysteries and tackle team-based challenges.

They reached out to me before Christmas, but I was so slammed packed with Holiday Gift Guide stuff that I never got around to it. I wish I had sooner though because my daughter has absolutely LOVED this program! My daughter was in her class with another girl. The teacher was very nice and engaging. Here is our honest review of the program:

The program can be done on a tablet (like an iPad which we used) or it can be done from an actual computer as long as you can access the meeting app.

Pros to the Program:

- Unique Characters. Students select their favorite characters at the beginning of each session and read their parts in a story infused math adventure. My daughter loved selecting her own character and participating in the read along.

what does revolution math come with?

- Included Materials. Every student receives a learning kit upon joining the program. Inside they will find materials that enhance the Revolution Math learning experience.

- Earning gems for real prizes. When students earn gems and level up, they’ll not only improve their math skills, but also be able to exchange gems for awesome prizes!

story based learning

Cons to the Program:
- Children Speaking Out of Turn and Interrupting. If were the competition part to boost confidence, then that I am fine with. It was when a specific child was asked a question and another child would interrupt or ask questions that had already been answered, etc. Our teacher separated them on some problems so each of them would have a chance to answer a problem. This did help with the outbursts.

- Noise in Background from one student can over ride the app making the teacher unable to hear the other students. This is common with the meeting app and hard to control. Parents should just be mindful going into this app that their child will need a quiet area to learn just like with homework.

- Common Core - my daughter is learning common core at her school and they were teaching a more traditional method which was kind of confusing for her. And although reading about Revolution Math it says "students encounter Common Core aligned math games and exercises", we did not have this experience. I wish there were an option when you are signing up for classes that you can choose if you would like your child to learn common core instead. Or maybe this was a specific teacher issue.

Revolution Math teachers

I personally liked that after each class, the teacher would email the parents personally to let them know how their child is doing with the course.

My daughter enjoyed the program so much that she was sad when her first month was over. You can get your first month plus the delivered learning kit (RV $199) for only $1 with my code: NANNY1! I really think you should at least check them out for the first month, there is no obligations and you can cancel anytime.

Does your child struggle with math? What do you think of Revolution Math?

I received complimentary products and compensation to provide this post. Like all my reviews, I gave my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.


  1. Ashley Chassereau Parks3/29/2019 10:43:00 PM

    This sounds interesting. My daughter would love the online aspect, but she is definitely not used to other kids talking (out of turn) when she is learning. I think she would definitely find that frustrating. I wish there was a version that was more self correcting where the student could play independently without other students.

  2. This looks like something that would be really helpful for my son, and enjoyable too!

  3. Math was never my strong suit, so anything that helps kids with it is great. This sounds really good.

  4. This looks SO helpful! Great for kids who struggle, but also great practice over summer break!

  5. Two of my granddaughters do struggle with math at school and the common core curriculum so I found this interesting. Online learning like this does tend to be helpful for them.

  6. I had to check out this review. Especially during this tough times for our children. Maybe their parents can use this online class so their kids can still advance on their math skills even while at home. Also during this time the company may give discounts and breaks to use their Math class. Thank you for sharing!


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