Football Cheerleading & Competition Season Fall 2018

So we did cheerleading this past fall. If you haven't been following along on Instagram, please make sure you do. I share so much more over there in my stories. But I thought I would share some of the highlights from this past season. We had amazing coaches who we are going to miss if they decide not to coach again. Everything was so well organized with them too. They are all teachers so they were naturally great with the kids.

cheerleader pictures

We cheered for the Locust Grove Falcons. We had two competitions and they won for their age division plus the coaches won as well. We also had to make a banner for the football players to run through at homecoming and the cheerleaders got little tiaras and sashes. It was so cute.

homecoming banner idea

My daughter loved it! I had to learn how to do the perfect cheer hair for her competitions and the perfect red lipstick that wouldn't smear. It was definitely a fun journey! I'm hoping we can do it again next year! Please check out the video below for their competition routines. If you would like more pictures and highlights, please follow me on Instagram. Thanks!

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