Summer Time Goodies with Peppa Pig

It has been raining quite a bit this summer. Any day it isn't raining, we are outside enjoying the sun. But on the days it is raining, we work our homeschooling and enjoy the fun goodies we have received since becoming a Peppa Pig Parent.

One of the goodies we received in our summer shipment was a bowling set. I honestly think it would make a great party game because it won't break the bank! You can play with it inside or outside. We have been playing with it inside and my son loves making every pin knock down!

We also received a Peppa Pig Surprise Slides Game which is like chutes and ladders the difference is that it is an ever changing game board since the pieces are interchangeable. It makes every time you play a different game.

The last thing we received was the Peppa Pig Look & Find book. My kids have SO much fun with these types of books and we enjoyed sharing it with my nieces as well.

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Do your kiddos like Peppa Pig? What do you think of these summer fun activities?

We are a Peppa Pig Parent and receive complimentary products as such. All opinions are our own.

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