Big Hero 6 The Series - Back in Action! Arrives on Disney DVD TODAY

The adventures continue for tech genius Hiro Hamada and his healthcare companion, the lovable, inflatable Baymax! Picking up right before the end of the film, Hiro thinks Baymax is lost forever, until he finds the chip Tadashi designed to create Baymax. Hiro immediately gets to work rebuilding Baymax, but Hiro’s overconfidence and impatience get him into trouble. The stakes are raised for Hiro, Baymax and their friends – adrenaline junkie Go Go, control freak Wasabi, chem whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred – as they fight to protect San Fransokyo as the legendary superhero team Big Hero 6.

Baymax Returns (44-minute Disney Channel Television Movie)
Fred’s Bro-tillion
Issue 188
Big Roommates 2
Failure Mode
Muirahara Woods
Food Fight

Bonus Features: 6 Bonus Shorts
-Baymax and Hiro
-Baymax and Wasabi
-Baymax and Go Go
-Baymax and Fred
-Baymax and Honey Lemon
-Baymax and Mochi

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