Our First MLB Game In Years! {Atlanta Braves June 1, 2018}

As I have mentioned before and if you follow me on Instagram, then you know a few weeks back now that the Hubby was on a little vacation from work and we decided to have a staycation. We started the week off with a MLB game to see the Atlanta Braves at the new Sun Trust Park.

This was my first time going to a game in probably two years. Before we had kids, we would go to almost every Friday night game (in the cheap seats). But this time, Hubby got some complimentary tickets and parking through work which was nice, so we splurged on ball park food! We did bring in some snacks and water for everyone since you could bring in one per person.

Everything at Sun Trust Park was VERY reasonably price and it was very good quality ball park food. We were highly impressed. We bought two HUGE slices of pizza, IPAs, burgers with fries, cotton candy, and of course peanuts. Then half way through the game my daughter said she was hungry and wanted a hot dog!

Not only did the kids do great and watched the entire game, but they also kept asking engaging questions about what was going on. It rained a little bit before the game started, so the weather was cool but t wasn't humid. And our seats were over a covering so they weren't wet either! We also ended up seeing some of our friends who were with their family there as well. The Braves ended up winning which made it that much sweeter! It was also a Friday night game too, so we got to see fireworks!

Make sure to check out the shot video below for some fun highlights including my daughter dancing to try and get on the big screen! Oh and my kids scored free sunglasses that they were handy out when we walked in. We loved the new park and I loved how they display and show the Braves history throughout the stadium and in such beautiful ways. We highly recommend visiting!


  1. Looks like a lot of family fun! That's a huge slice of pizza

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