Nanny to Mommy: Keeping Track of a Breastfed Baby's Weight with EatSmart Scales

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Keeping Track of a Breastfed Baby's Weight with EatSmart Scales

My son was diagnosed borderline anemic when he was about a year old. You would have never guessed it because he was such a chunky baby, but he was actually always in the 25 percentile for baby boys the same age. When my daughter was a baby, she was in the same percentile, but was never diagnosed with any issues. They both had lip tie.

My son was always so hungry. I had to start supplementing with formula when he was about eight months old. He had no interest in baby food and he would choke on many table foods we offered, so nursing was his main source of nutrition. My doctor's advice to combat his anemia was to just feed him whenever/whatever he wanted (which of course I was already doing) and then he was prescribed iron supplements. His anemia was an issue for a while and so I started keeping track of his weight to make sure he wasn't losing any.

So I was recently introduced to the EatSmart Precision Baby Check Scale which allows you to track your little one’s growth between doctor visits as they grow from newborn infants to babies and toddlers. It has really been helpful in keeping track of my son's weight especially now that he has come down with a stomach virus. This digital baby scale provides reliable weight readings in 0.5 oz increments up to 44 lbs.

With this scale, it is easy to deduct the weight of a toy, diaper, or blanket with the Tare function. I also love how you can easily save your child’s current weight with the Memory button. That way, before your baby’s next weigh-in at the doctor, you can simply press the Memory Recall (MRC) button to reference your child’s previous weight reading and track development in seconds. So you can let your doctor know if you had any concerns with weight loss. I was very lucky to have pediatricians who were so supportive of my breastfeeding, but it would have been nice to have a scale like this to reference when my son was a baby.

The Precision Baby Check also doubles as a pet scale. From dogs to cats, monitoring the weight of your beloved pet will allow you to help them maintain a healthy weight between annual check-ups at the vet.

What do you think of the Precision Baby Check Scale by EatSmart? Did your little one's ever have any nutrition related issues?

This product is featured in upcoming Baby Shower Gift Guide. If you would like to see your product featured, feel free to contact us.


  1. This would have been great to have 30+ years ago when I breastfed my daughters! How helpful!

  2. All these new mother’s helpers are fantastic!! I am so glad that babies have a better chance of a great head start than when I had babies over forty years ago! I really like the memory feature!! It is important that we know their weight gains and losses. Even our furry friends gain help from this accurate scale!! Sharing on Facebook. I wanted to pin this, but couldn’t find the pin feature. TY

    1. I need to get better about adding a more distinct pin feature. But if you are on a computer (not mobile) all the sharing buttons are at the bottom. Thank you for sharing! 😊

  3. This would make a great gift for a friend of mine who is currently expecting.

  4. This is so cool, it reminds me of the ones that they use at the doctors office! I can definitely see why this would be extremely handy to have. :) Thanks for sharing!


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