Tips for Growing a Green Family

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When I think about growing a “green” family, I love to share the many ways to save money and the environment at the same time. Sustainable has been used many times over the last few years instead of environmentally friendly because the carbon footprint we leave matters for generations to some. It is really easy to incorporate more sustainable habits into our daily lives that we can stick with all year long. Check out the following 7 practical pointers for going green.

1. Bring Air purifying Plants into your Home. Improve the air quality in your home by introducing plants that act as air filters, absorbing harmful gases and toxins from furniture, paints, and plastics. Peace lilies, golden pathos, and Boston ferns are only a few examples of the many plants that can help remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air in your home.

2. Shop Local, Seasonal Foods. Eating locally and seasonally means you are likely to avoid the food miles and greenhouse gas emissions associated with foods that aren’t in season and travel a long way to get to your table. In addition, seasonal foods can be less expensive and taste better. Because it is picked only when it’s naturally ripe, seasonal produce retains all the nutrients and flavor that is lost when food is harvested prematurely. If you are feeling ambitious and have space, you can even start your own vegetable garden for the most localized produce possible.

3. Start a Compost. Don’t let your fruit and veggie scraps go to waste in the landfill, where they will ultimately contribute to climate change by emitting methane. Instead, start a compost in your yard or look for programs in your community that collect organic material for composting. Compost is a natural fertilizer and can be added to your garden or potted plants.

4. Nurture Honeybees As part of your garden routine, you may also consider the wisdom of introducing beekeeping. Beekeeping and gardening go hand in hand. Many plants, such as squash, melons, strawberries, apples, cucumbers, and more, rely on bees for pollination. Raising and nurturing bees in your garden will ensure that your plants grow, reproduce, and thrive. While beekeeping can be fairly easy, you need to keep in mind that having the right tools and protective gear, like a durable beekeeping suit, will make sure you are safe while being around these hard-working creatures.
5. Swap or Donate Clothes. Swapping clothes that your kids have grown out of with other parents is a great way to share and/or get “new” clothes without purchasing anything. If you can’t think of anyone to swap with, then donating old clothes is another great option. Swapping or donating clothes helps with spring cleaning and extends the life of each item.

6. Use Non-Toxic Products. If you are taking on some serious spring cleaning, make sure you are using non-toxic cleaning materials because chemical-based supplies contribute to water pollution and can be harmful to your health. Websites and apps such as GoodGuide and EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning help to find safe and gentle cleaning products. You can also make your own with baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon.

7. Invest in an Affordable Electric Vehicle. My husband and I have been considering this option for our next vehicle, but buying a Tesla seems like a crazy high expense! Did you know that there are new 2022 and 2023 models out there which are affordable? EveeLife is full of great information about electric vehicles from how they perform in the winter to their real value. You can even find a comparison tool as well.

8. Focus on Plastic-Free Living. To minimize your negative impact on the environment, swap out plastic single-use containers and utensils for reusable non-plastic items. It can be easy to rely on single-use plastic items such as water bottles, cutlery, plates, and cups, but it creates a lot of waste that will most likely end up in a landfill (or even in the ocean)! Look for glass jars and cloth bags to carry and contain your goodies and bring silverware from home to cut down on the waste you create.

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What are some things you can do every day that are better choices for a greener earth?


  1. One tip for growing a green family is to buy some things that have had a previous life with someone else. Books, toys, and clothing can be bought at garage sales or consignment stores.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. I take my own bags to the grocery store and Target.

  3. I agree big time with 7 tips, but the plastic free picnic is one you don't always think of, but it is very important and should be done more often!!!

  4. My family enjoy riding our bikes when we can instead of taking the car. Also re-using containers instead of throwing them out.

  5. We always try to use reusable bags when grocery shopping and we reuse things as much as possible.

  6. My best tips is to always recycle!


  7. Using reusable bags is an easy and cheap way to help!

  8. We started composting several years ago and gardening. Both have helped us become more green!

  9. We enjoy growing our own veggies and composting.

  10. I have always had plants in my home. My friends and family complement me on my “forest.” It’s not just for the oxygen, but I love the greenery in my home. My kids and grandkids know about house plants. We bought a blue Walmart cloth bag a long time ago to put some of the things we bought from there in it. We keep it in our car. Also we have always passed outfits down from kid to kid. It was easy with all girls �� We couldn’t afford new outfits all the time. The girls loved to dress up. Let’s not even talk about the new shoes they had to have, a lot. If the clothes were in good shape, I would donate them. The kids loved to give their toys to goodwill - especially after I told them that their are children that don’t have any toys and how sad they were. I felt that they had to know how fortunate they are.
    We recycle ♻️ all the time. Our village gave us a recycle bin and we use it. We also have a rain barrel to use to water �� our lawn. We’ve shown the grandkids the recycle ♻️ logo so they know what to recycle. They recycle in their schools too. Everyone should pull their own weight. After all it’s all of our planet ��

  11. I donate a lot of items instead of throwing them away.

  12. Always recycle paper and plastic


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