What's In My Toddler's Diaper Bag?

Today's conversation was sponsored by Beech-Nut, all opinions of necessities are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Summer time activities are in full swing here in Georgia and if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that we have been going now stop since school let out. With constantly being on the go and the fact that I always like to be prepared means I like to have everything in my diaper bag. I am also potty training an always hungry toddler. So here is what is in my toddler's diaper bag.

Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials

So here are my diaper bag essentials for my toddler:

Gymboree Outfit - We love shopping at Gymboree for my little man clothes because they have super cute designs at extremely affordable prices.

Travel Potty - Comes with a storage case too. My son is full blown into potty training. He is in underwear about 85% off the time now, so a travel potty is key. He likes it because it helps him become more familiar with even a large potty. I like it because sometimes he still touches the toilet when trying to go and I want to avoid germs at all costs.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup - Your child drinks from it just like a normal cup which helps support normal muscle development in a child's mouth. It is easy to clean and spill proof!

Beechnut Fruity Oat Bars (strawberry) - Made with 5 ingredients including whole grains and fruit, Beech-Nut's Strawberry Fruity Oat Bars are an easy-to-chew, softer version of a classic granola bar. A great way to introduce solids to a toddler, their texture helps your child learn to chew. I love it because they are made with real ingredients and easy to take on the go. These are my son's new favorite snack. They are also available in banana.

Beechnut Yogurt Melties (strawberry apple) - A perfect healthy snack featuring the natural sweetness of apples and strawberries mixed with creamy yogurt, the mess-free treat melts in your little one's mouth, perfect for on-the-go snacking. Even my six year old daughter loves these. Also available in sweet potato mango.

Huggies Baby Wipes - Because toddlers are messy whether they are girls or boys. My daughter was messy and she didn't even like to get her hands dirty. I still use baby wipes with my six year old. I should have bought stock in them a long time ago.

Hand Sanitizer - a necessity. And any brand is fine, really, but Purell is usually what we buy. They touch toilets seats, the ground, the conveyor belt at the grocery store, every toy anywhere, so yeah... I carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere.

In A Pikle Bag - For all of life's little "pickles". You can read my full review HERE. I absolutely love mine. They have so many cute designs to choose from. My personal favorite is Gleaming Gold Gherkin. I have the starter pak as well which includes everything you could possibly need for any life's little emergencies. It has bandaids, travel scissors, a pill box, rubber bands, and so much more, even a tiny screwdriver.

Babyganics Mineral Based Sunscreen - Since it is summer, I never leave home without sunscreen. I put it on both mine and the children's face (at least) if I know we are going to be outside for more than five minutes. But I love to have it in my bag and on hand because surprise playdates can happen!

So now that I have shown you mine, tell me all about yours! What are some of your diaper bag necessities? And make sure to check out the other great new products from Beech-Nut!

This post was sponsored by Beech-Nut, a brand I have loved for a very long time. Although I was compensated to share this post, all toddler diaper bag necessity ideas are my own.

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