How I Manage Busy Mom Life

Thanks to Sam's Club for sponsoring today's conversation and saving me time. All super mom hacks and opinions are my own.

It is the end of the school year time. And my daughter has something (if not multiple) events at school every week this month. Plus she has recently started tumbling. On top of that, I also signed my son up for pre-school, I have multiple errands, I go to the gym, I volunteer at my daughter's school, I have house work, and I work from home. Life can feel like it is stacking up sometimes, but I manage with a few super mom life hacks I have learned along the way and today I want to help you manage your busy mom life too.

My first suggestion is to carry healthy snacks wherever you go. Being on the go means you most likely eat on the go. And finding the time to sit and eat something that is good for you can sometimes be a daunting task. So I always have a few power bars in my car and diaper bag just in case I need them.

I also suggest getting a calendar or agenda or both. I have a dry erase calendar so I can plan out when we have to do everything. I also have a day planner so I can schedule out everything for work. I also write sticky notes and have them spread through out my house and car. Managing mom life includes scheduling and (hopefully) not forgetting anything.

But my biggest time saver and super mom hack is letting someone else grocery shop for me. This is a HUGE deal for me and I know a lot of other moms can benefit from this. It is also extremely easy to do. First become a Sam's Club Member (if you aren't one already), currently you can sign up for a Sam's Club Membership and receive a $20 gift card PLUS a $20 Savings Book. Then use their new service called Club Pick-Up, it is free to members.

How it works:

1 - Place Your Order. You can order everything you need including fresh fruits and veggies. Then, you select the date and time you want to pick up your order. Whether Next Day Pick Up, Same Day Delivery, or using the mobile check-in option.
2 - Follow Your Order. When your order is ready, Sam's Club will send you a notification.
3 - Check in on your way. They'll know when you arrive by your location, and they'll have your order ready.
4 - Get it and Go! Meet a member at the Club Pickup area to get your order. Select Clubs have a Drive Thru area for extra convenience.

I love how much time you can save time by having someone else shop for you. Saving time any way you can is essential in managing busy mom life. The entire process was easy because I placed an order on my phone and picked up my order at the pick up area. My order was actually ready earlier than expected and I was in the area already so I picked it up! My non-cold items were already by the front door waiting for me. My son loved picking up our groceries too.

What are your tips for managing busy mom life? How do you save time when you are always on the go?

Thanks to Sam's Club for sponsoring today's conversation and saving me time. All super mom hacks and opinions are my own.


  1. WOW! This could have really helped me when my kids were young & I was working!
    I am not a Sam's club member. There isn't one near me, but there is a Walmart.

  2. This is all needed advice for many of us. I must have a calendar and check it each day. With all the appointments and chores we have, this is a necessity for sure.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  3. Calendars are your friend. So are pst it notes. I know so many carry smart phones and thats OK. but nothing beats having it written down. It also reminds other family members what is happening.
    ellen beck

    1. Yes! If it wasn't for our dry erase board and my daughter's insistent need to read it everyday, I would have forgot about my dog's groomers appointment I had scheduled weeks ago!


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