Fun And Educational Things To Do With Kids In NYC

NYC is a wonderland brimming with kid-friendly happenings all around. Unique attractions welcome kids at every turn keeping them enlightened and delighted at the same time. From interactive museums, engaging, creative play spaces, amazing parks, buzzing playgrounds, energetic amusement parks, zoos, parks and much more, it has tons to offer that will be fun and educational for your kids. So, plan accordingly so that your kids can learn and have fun together!

Fun And Educational Things To Do With Kids In NYC

Here is a list of top things to do with kids in NYC:

Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum
At this museum, kids not only get a peek into history but also get to climb into a helicopter and steer the wings of a plane. This decommissioned aircraft carrier will give little ones a chance to explore the enormous aircraft, see some 30 vintage planes and investigate a guided missile submarine.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan
The museum is perfect for younger children as it offers lots of exhibits, workshops and performances. From sailing a boat to playing in the sand, to painting with water, all is possible here in the summer. Splashes will add fun to the fun while waterproof smocks can help fend off disasters.

Natural History Museum
The giant Blue Whale, the dinosaurs, the African elephants…you name it and this great museum has all the animal dioramas in epic scale to let your kids have a great time. Nearby are the spectacular exhibits and shows at the Hayden Planetarium. Nature, wildlife and art, all blend together perfectly here to leave visitors in awe!

New York Transit Museum
If the NYC subway and its history fascinates your kids, take them to this museum to satisfy their interests and widen their horizons. Interactive exhibits explore many key aspects of the subway, including the way the tunnels were dug underground and offer insight into the construction of the miles of subway track. Other popular exhibits include the development of the trolley, NYC’s bus transportation and model train displays.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum
This museum offer children a chance to explore a huge collection of some 30,000 objects ranging from dolls, masks, minerals, fossils and musical instruments. A complete skeleton of an Asian elephant is a big draw here for kids. Other major attractions for little ones include a pond aquarium, garden and kid-sized shops.

Bronx Zoo
Take your kid to the largest city zoo in the US and let them enjoy the place which is home to some 4000 animals. The best part, most animals can be seen roaming around in open natural settings. Some of the major attractions here include: Tiger Mountain, Congo Gorilla Forest, zebras, giraffes, lions, the Madagascar exhibit and the lion feeding sessions. Rides by tram or monorail are also available.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
This world-renowned museum is a great place for kids and teens alike to learn and have fun at the same time. They can find their heroes, understand history and broaden their understanding of the world through a big collection of lifelike wax figures of past and present personalities.

You can book a hop on hop off New York tour and give your kids a lot to feel happy about.


  1. Omgosh so much fun stuff to do!! One day I hope we get a chance to take my son there to visit!! He'd love the zoo and childrens museum!

  2. We thought about visiting those places, but we have similar places in Chicago like those. So we did a couple of other things and went to the wrestling matches at Madison Square Garden.


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