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I received complimentary products to provide this review. All opinions are my own.
I love subscription boxes. I especially love ones that are educational while exploring fun new products. So when I was asked to review Discover Our America, I was extremely excited. Discover Our America is a monthly subscription box that empowers people to experience and celebrate each U.S. state's uniqueness. Monthly, they carefully pick 5-7 products from each state to help you experience it in a new way.
I received the Michigan box. I have never been to Michigan, but it is on my bucket list because I want to see the great lakes. So getting a taste of a new state that I have never been to before is a very cool experience.
What was in my box:

Caramel Corn from Detroit Popcorn Company. Michigan's popular popcorn producer since 1923, the Detroit Popcorn Company is a Michiganian favorite for its unique recipe and variety of flavors. The Caramel Corn's special recipe has been used since 1923 and is still being used today in every batch they make.
Faygo Rock & Rye Pop. The year was 1907. The place was Detroit. The people were two Russian immigrant bakers. The invention was Faygo pop beverages (In Michigan, pop = soda). Over the next 10 decades, Faygo introduced many new flavors including award-winning, frothy root beer and a Michigianian party favorite, Rock & Rye. The company, still proudly based in Detroit, distributes Faygo throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
Cherry Republic Wild Cheery Tea. In 1989, Cherry Republic was founded by Bob Sutherland who sold t-shirts from the trunk of his car before reaching out in to the cherry business. Many years and four retail locations later, Cherry Republic has become the largest cherry exclusive retailer and a cornerstone of Michigan's popular cherry niche. The Wild Chery Tea is a rich blend of black tea and wild cherry and makes the perfect travel companion.
Salt Water Taffy from Martha's Original Mackinac Island Fudge. Martha's Original Mackinac Island Fudge recipe dates back to the late 1800s. The fudge is cooked with care in a large copper kettle using only the finest natural ingredients. Salt Water Taffy has been a popular treat since the 1800s. This confection is sweet, soft, airy, chewy, and comes in a variety of flavors.
Sanders Sea Salt Caramels. Established in 1875, Michigan's Sanders Candy is a staple in the candy industry. Known for its infamous bumpy cake, fudge toppings, ice cream sodas, and of course, candy, Sanders has a storied tradition of providing "Chocolate Worth Sharing". Sea Salt Caramels are a perfect sweet and salty treat for anyone. This delectable treat includes Sanders' original caramel recipe that's been around since 1920.
Zingerman's Candy ZZANG! What the Fudge? Bar. Since 1982, Zingerman's Delicatessen has been a favorite for Ann Arbor, Michigan residents. Since its founding, Zingerman's has become one of the country's leading specialty food stores. In 2009, Zingerman's expanded its wide range of products to include sweets and treats. Zzang! What the Fudge? Bar has layers of milk chocolate fudge, muscovado caramel, and malted milk cream fondant. It is the sweet-lovers dream.
Detroit Bold Coffee Co. Woodward Avenue Blend. From the assembly lines to the workers who helped make Detroit become the "Motor City", Detroit Bold represents the region's can-do spirit. The company was founded by the belief that the Detroit economy should be supported by more than just the aut industry. Why can't the Motor City also be the Mocha City? Created at the headquarters of Becharas Brothers Coffee Company, a Detroit-based company established in 1914, Detroit Bold's Woodard Ave. blend is roasted to perfection, consistently smooth with just the right amount of smoky balance.

I think that makes a great subscription box to get the kids for the summer months especially to keep their minds exploring and learning. You can get started on a monthly subscription with free shipping for $39.99 a month. They also have great gift options as well. Make sure to follow Discover Our America on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or Instagram for more product updates!

Do you like subscription boxes? What do you think of Discover Our America? Which state would you like to try?

I received complimentary products to provide this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I have never tried a subscription box before, but it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. This is so awesome!!! Are you guaranteed a different state every month!??!?! I would totally get this!!

  3. love learning about these new subscriptions nowadays....there's something for everyone!


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