Introducing AdoramaPix Metal Prints #HGG2015

I received complimentary products to provide this post. All opinions are my own.
"AdoramaPix helps people turn their digital photographs from abstract computer files into beautiful keepsakes designed to last a lifetime. Their contemporary metal prints capture memories in rich color and vibrant detail. Because your images are infused right into the metal, and not painted on the surface, their metal prints are extremely durable. Not only will your metal image be water and weather proof, but scratch resistant as well. You can even clean it with glass cleaner. Your memories deserve to live in true, archival luxury with AdoramaPix metal prints."

I received a 5x7 photo print. Besides being way later than expected, my first print (8x10) ended up being very dark and there was a bubble on it. I talked to the customer service rep and they made sure my second order came out a lot better. I am actually very happy with the way it turned out. My picture could have been too small or dark, but it came out completely different than the preview. I feel the preview should have represented that was to be expected better. They did send out an apology email, saying they didn't prepare for so much business and had under trained staff to try to meet demands and that was the result. My picture ended up being nice the second time around and my mother-in-law did love the one she received.
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I received complimentary products to provide this post. All opinions are my own. These products are featured in our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. If you would like to participate in one of our guides or a giveaway event, please contact us.

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