Tips to Purge for the End of the Year Clean Out

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Goodwill of North Georgia for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I have this tradition, well it's not a tradition because we have missed a few years now. But before my son came along, we would clean out our entire house while my husband was using his last vacation of the year from work. We loved it because it made room for new items that we might be getting as well as got us a nice little tax deduction because we always donated to Goodwill of North Georgia.

End of the Year Declutter

I have some simple tips to clear out items that are no longer needed:

1. Ask yourself do you still need it: why were you originally holding on to this item? Is it sentimental? Why? Is it useful? Why? That brings us to our next point.

2. If it is useful, but you have not used it or felt a need for it in over a year, then it's time to toss it out.

3. Saving clothes because they might fit you again one day? Why? I was saving clothes that were out of fashion and I was too old to get away with wearing. I was saving clothes that had holes in them. Why? Just because I might be that size again? No. If I work hard and lose all that weight, then I deserve new clothes.

4. If you have multiples of one thing, why? We have bought something because we were so disorganized and didn’t realize we already had it! What a waste! There are some things that you can by with just one of.

5. Don’t forget to purge the Medici e cabinet! Although you can’t donate these and need to make sure you purge them properly, expired medicine is no good. So think of the positive, you weren’t sick enough to need all that medicine!

Donating is EASY with Goodwill

I like donating to Goodwill because it's easy PLUS donations to Goodwill are sold in stores to not just help those looking for inexpensive items, but all proceeds help to support the mission of putting people to work. This year Goodwill will help 20,000 people in North Georgia find jobs. Goodwill is celebrating their 90th birthday of putting people to work in North Georgia.

Make Donations to Goodwill of North Georgia

Find Donation Locations around you!

What are your tips for decluttering your home? Do you donate to Goodwill?
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  1. I love the idea of making it a yearly thing you do. That is great. I do donate to Good Will and usually end up about 4 times a year. I really need to go through my garage again.

  2. I love this! :) Great idea and love that idea of throwing stuff out, great one :)

  3. Great idea to help people in need without that much of effort, and it's awesome that they are celebrating their 90th year!

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  5. We don't do it yearly, but I definitely should! I always feel like we have too much "stuff" and am trying hard to teach my kids to give to those that don't have as much. Love your tips!

  6. I periodically purge my things and give them away to Good Will. They take a lot of effort to clean up the pile of things we donate to put them on shelves and sell at a very affordable price. I'm so glad you shared about Good will.

  7. Goodwill is my favorite thrift store near me! We are about to close on a new house and have a baby on the way, so we are purging as much as possible before the move and before a new baby makes it more difficult. I think I did well on clothes (and I plan to go through my boxed prepregnancy clothes a second time when they fit again.) As a mixed media artist/crafter/frugal person I tend to hold on to things because I can make something cool or fix it or find a use for it, but eventually it takes over!

    1. Yes! It takes over. I am the same. My frugal habits always make me hold on to things because I can use them somewhere else. But when I haven't touched it in YEARS it's time to let go.


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