Summer Travels with GooGah Baby View Mirror

I received this product complimentary for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

We are still rear facing my son, although he has picked up this habit of screaming in the car because he was bored. It was a playful scream and I think it was just to get his sister to pay attention to him. I have tried giving him toys to play with, but he throws them all down. LOL So when I was sent the GooGah Baby Car Mirror to review, I was pretty excite because I thought that this might be something that would keep him entertained while I was driving.

I loved being able to see him in the car. It also made it where he would no longer scream while I was driving down the road. He would just make faces at himself in the mirror. The extra large wide angle convex infant car mirror is shatter proof so that every new mom can feel secure with no worries. Installation was very easy once I paid attention to the directions. You can view my installation in the video below.

There are two different straps and at first I thought I needed to use both for installation in my car. They had different instructions for all different types of vehicles out there, so you can easily find which installation you would need for your car. I think the GooGah baby view mirror would be very handy if you were going on a long car trip or really any trip, especially if it was just you and baby in the car. That way you can always have an eye on your baby and feel comfortable knowing what they are doing. I had a baby car mirror when my daughter was rear facing, I loved being able to see her, but it was made by a different company. It went around the head rest with an elastic band that ended up wearing out and breaking. That's why I love that this one doesn't have any elastic on it.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your GooGah baby view mirror, they will refund you 100%, no questions asked. How awesome is that? You can buy now on Amazon. I personally think this mirror makes a great baby shower gift.

Do you have any summer travel plans? What do you think of the GooGah baby view mirror?


  1. I love baby items! First of all, your girl is adorable. Second why didn't I think of this when my kid was a baby? He used to do the same thing as yours: cry every time we were on the road just because he felt alone and bored back there. And the money back guaratee is a plus! I am with you, this mirror would make a great baby shower gift!

    1. That's my son pictured. It's hard to tell. I know, I wish I thought of this sooner too! :)

    2. Oh I meant from the video! lol your baby boy is adorable too! :)

    3. Oh thank you. She loves doing video reviews with me. :)

  2. I went through most of m daughter's infancy without a mirror. Once I got one I wasn't sure how we did without. The one I had wasn't great because it was elastic like the one you mentioned you used to use. This one looks like it would last longer

  3. Wish I had come across this when my daughter was younger! It would have been really helpful because she use to get irritated and use to scream when in car seat. This mirror would have helped!

  4. That is so useful and good for peace of mind! Your son is so cute! Great review.

  5. Aww I love the name of this mirror. Too cute. This is so cute and fun for babies. What a unique idea. I think it’s cool that they had different instructions for different vehicles, way to be thorough!


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