A Pumping Mama's Best Friend: "Intel-A-Temp" Digital Bottle Warmer &Sterilizer

I received this product at a discount to provide an honest review. All opinions are my own.
I was never very good at pumping. I think it was pump, specifically my nipple shields, but that is another story all together. But when I did need to pump, the number one thing I hated (besides actually pumping) was warming up the bottles for baby.

So when I was asked to review the "Intel-A-Temp" Digital Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer, I thought this would be a great product to share with my awesome Power Pumping sister-in-law. She just started a job and has been relying on others to care for her two year old and six month old daughters. Her six month old is exclusively fed breast milk, whether pumped or from the tap. But she does eat a little home made baby food as well. With Maxx Elite's "Intel-A-Temp" Bottle and Sterilizer, you can quickly heat different size bottles and baby food jars quickly and evenly. This is perfect for her and the different care givers in her life.

The Maxx Elite "Intel-A-Temp" Digital Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer is a perfect small size, so taking it over to care givers house is no problem and at home it doesn't take up a ton of counter space. It makes an audible beep, with a green LED lights up when temp is reached. For idea and exact temperature or time, You can add or subtract time or temperature with a push of a button. Once I played with it for a few minutes, it was super easy to figure out. The only issue I had was that we used a MAM bottle in this unit and because it has the extra plastic at the bottom (because they can be self sterilized), the plastic got very hot, so we had to be very careful. I would personally just use any other type or at least heat up in another type/container and then transfer. The ones featured in these pictures are Evenflo breast milk storage bottles.

"Intel-A-Temp" automatic temperature settings:
40°C - Ideal temperature for warm baby bottle.
65°C - Ideal temperature for jar baby food.
80°C - Ideal for "fast heating" 3 min bottle heating
99°C - Ideal for bottle or nipple sterilization
Another thing I love about the "Intel-A-Temp" Digital Bottle Warmer is the programmable advanced timer. This allows you to have your baby bottle warm and ready to go at the next feeding. Simply power the unit on by pressing the middle on/off button, select desired temperature in display, wait for 2 seconds and you will see 0.0, then press the plus sign button and you will see times in 30 minute intervals. When the bottle is ready at the right time, the unit LED light will turn green and beep an alarm.

You can also sterilize things like bottles, pacifiers, and nipples with ease with this unit. I didn't personally sterilize any pacifiers, but it could be easily done with this machine.

I think this unit is perfect for personal use especially at night if you bottle feed, but I think it's ideal for care givers especially ones who may not know how to warm bottles, specifically breast milk. The nutrients in breast milk, formula, or baby food can break down if heated in a microwave. Plus this is easy to transport and easy to use. You can buy it now on Amazon for $55, so it's a little on the pricey side, but this is definitely one of those really nice to have items for baby.

What do you think of the "Intel-A-Temp" Digital Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer?

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  1. Oh this looks like a nice gift for my sister in law as well. It would be a lifesaver when traveling. I could plug it to any electric outlet at the airport or hotels to warm up baby's food/milk.Questions: can I change the units from Celsius to Fahrenheit? and How long does it take to warm up a bottle or jar of baby food?

    1. I couldn't change them, but there is an easy read out in the manual. It only took a few minutes to heat a bottle, but I didn't test out baby food.

  2. My daughter was very premature and was never able to latch so I pumped exclusively for 9 months. I always used a container of warm water to heat the bottles and it took FOREVER. This would have been so wonderful to have at that time.

  3. I wish I had this when my daughter was small. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy sterilizing soothers and warming milk. Would for sure gift it to my friend who is expecting!

  4. Thanks for sharing, this looks like it might be a good shower gift for some people. I like that it also sterilizes pacifiers. How clever!

  5. I am not a mommy, but this looks pretty darn cool! You always write the most detailed reviews!

    I love the look of this. Very modern. The timer is PERFECT and must make everything so much easier for parents.


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