Dive Bomber at Six Flags White Water

Thank you to Six Flags White Water for inviting us out to a media day event.

Summer is HERE in Georgia and we recently headed to Six Flags White Water for an awesome VIP media day event! My husband was on vacation last week, so we brought the whole family to enjoy all that Six Flags White Water had to offer including their newest AND tallest water slide ever - Dive Bomber!

I am extremely nervous when it comes to heights. I wasn't always this way, but it seems to get worse the older I get. I really wanted to ride Dive Bomber, so when I could give a good first person review. This slide features an enclosed, clear capsule with a trap door that releases riders for a zero-gravity experience, a tower approximately 100 feet above the lush tree line of the park, a nearly 90-degree drop, and speeds of more than 40 miles per hour.
I let my husband ride it first. He was actually one of the first adults to ride it that day. When my turn came I was nervous, but after I had climbed all the stairs to reach the top there was no way I was walking back down. I'm so glad I did it because it was beyond exhilarating.

Six Flags seriously spoiled us for this event. We got to experience Diver Bomber and Tornado an hour before the park opened at 10:30 am, we received free pop corn buckets with refills to promote their Dive In Movies every Thursday in July, we got to use any size locker free of charge (which is a must, IMO), complimentary lunch of chicken tenders and French fries, dippin' dots all day of a new flavor that I believe was called Tornado (it was blue & green and tasted like sherbet, YUM!), drink refills all day in our awesome #DiveBomber bottles, and the use of a complimentary flash pass which we didn't need because the weather report kept people away, but it ended being a beautiful day! We also won the use of a cabana all day where we were allowed to get ice cream and funnel cakes if we liked. It was awesome.

My daughter is four and although is over 36 inches and could ride more slides, she enjoyed Buccaneer Bay, Activity Pool, Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool (with Daddy), and Captain Kid's Cove. It took her a minute to warm up to the idea of a water slide since this was her first time ever visiting an attraction like this. But once she did, she didn't want to leave.

My husband is already talking about going back. And I agree! A great day was had. If I had to do it all over again though, I would try to find a sitter for Peanut. Since he is just now 15 months, there wasn't very much he could do except he did love the Little Hooch River, we rode that as a family twice. We loved floating around and enjoying the view. Can't wait to go back!

Have you ever been to Six Flags White Water? What do you think of Dive Bomber?


  1. OH MY! I am so green!!!! I really wish that I could have one of those nearby, I am in the middle of nowhere-ville in Northern Canada. looks like you had a blast with the family

  2. I don't have it anyway near where we live....That is so disappointing!

  3. Awww I loved the video, she really looked unsure at first. But all bouncy after! I've always wanted to visit Six Flags but there isn't one near us. We'll have to venture out a bit further and find one I guess. :)

  4. Yipee I will be going to Six Flags IL next week. So excited this is my first trip to any six flags. You and family had so much fun. can't wait now after seeing such great pics. I might just go tomorrow lol

  5. Oh they have a similar ride on some Norwegian cruises. We are definitely hitting the water park this summer.

  6. This looks so fun!! But no dive bomb for me! I think I peed my pants just thinking about it. ha ha ha!!

  7. I am so jealous of this! I have seen everyone posting about the media day and it looks so fun. I wish we had a Six Flags here in Florida! As for the Dive Bomber, I am like you- As a kid I was fearless, but as an adult I have become more afraid of heights. It makes me angry lol. The Dive Bomber looks and sounds AWESOME!! I am itching for a trip to a water park now hehe.


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