Staying Hydrated During Allergy Season #DrinkDripDrop

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With warmer weather quickly approaching, this means we will be outside exerting more energy. Which is GREAT! I don't know about you (especially you folks up north), but I have been missing going to the park with my kiddos, hiking, and swimming. But with spring and warmer weather comes (at least for my family) flair ups due to seasonal allergies. And unfortunately there isn't too much you can do besides take allergy medicine and make sure you HYDRATE!

I recently had the opportunity to review DripDrop with my family. DripDrop hydration powder was developed by a Mayo Clinic-trained family physician. It treats and prevents dehydration in adults and children.
Many cold and flu symptoms, including high fever, runny nose (this one is the worst for us during seasonal allergy season), and diarrhea, drain the body of water and electrolytes, leading to fatigue, congestion, and dehydration. DripDrop has been shown in a clinical study to hydrate 34% faster than water alone, and 20% faster than pediatric solutions and sports drinks. I have been drinking DripDrop as well as letting my daughter test it out. She calls it her pink flavor (berry) & lemonade (lemon). My daughter doesn't like the taste of both name brand and generic pediatric drinks, but she loves this and actually asks for it. Sometimes it can be hard for kids to drink fluids that will actually hydrate them when they aren't feeling well, but it makes your job a little easier when they enjoy the taste.


Why you would need DripDrop:
1. During stomach bugs. I recently had a battle with a stomach bug and I know it was going around at my daughter's school. I called the doctor the last time my daughter was going through this and he just said to make sure you stay hydrated and let it run it's course.
2. During cold & flu season or other colds. Including seasonal allergies.
3. Breastfeeding. Staying well HYDRATED is the #1 way to make sure your supply stays up. DripDrop tastes great so it can help those of us who get tired of just drinking plain water all day long. And I have personally noticed an increase in supply on days I drink DripDrop.
4. After working out or other hard activity. It's important to replace the fluids that you were just sweating out. DripDrop hydration powder packets fit easily in the medicine cabinet, a travel kit, purse or gym bag, so it’s there when you need it.

DripDrop provides a simple, cost-effective solution that empowers everyone to treat mild to moderate dehydration with a safe, medical-grade solution. DripDrop is very easy to use, simply mix with water and consume. That's it! I am pleasantly surprised at how much my daughter and I are both enjoying it. I am going to make sure I keep some packets on hand, just in case!

You can purchase DripDrop at your local CVS, Walgreens or HEB. And make sure to follow DripDrop on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more updates.

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? What do you think of DripDrop Hydration Solution? Which flavor do you think your family would enjoy?


  1. Awesome article. Thanks

  2. I have never heard of this! I have the worst time staying hydrated. In fact, I have been in the hospital several times for dehydration. ugh. I am going to seriously have to check this out. hydrate 34% faster than water!!!! That is really amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this, great article.

  3. Very interesting. I have never heard of this either. I may have to try this with my boys.

  4. This is a neat product, I would love to see how well it would work for my boys who play soccer and on hot days it's hard to keep them hydrated. I'd like to know if they had different flavors or if their limited to just these two.

    1. According to their website, they only have these two flavors available at this time. But both are super yummy in different ways.

  5. I love this stuff. It was great to have during bouts of morning sickness!

  6. Very interesting, and well thought out post. As a nurse, it is definitely important to stay hydrated especially during an illness, I will be looking into this for my children as well. Thank you for the info!

  7. I've never heard of this product before. I'm going to look for this next time I shop Walgreen's. I get dehydrated more than I should. Thanks for the information. :)

  8. I never heard about this product. Its new for me. I hope this will be available in our Country. I am liking this most.

  9. That sounds like something I for sure can use in the summer time here in Arizona


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