DIY Castle Valentine Box

This was our first year making a Valentine Box. When I first saw the note in my daughter's bag, I was beyond nervous. But it really was easier than I thought and there are a TON of cute ideas on Pinterest. I found some directions online HERE for this princess castle. I changed it a little bit as I didn't have some of the same materials. I had scrapbooking paper and I had to use hot glue in some places because of it. But it's just a cereal box and paper towels rolls. And my daughter LOVES it!
What do you think of this easy Valentine Box? Have you ever had to make any with your child? Please feel free to share your Valentine crafts in the comments below!


  1. That is adorable, how cute! I wish I had a girl to do this with

  2. Such a cute idea! If I had kids I'd be doing this!

  3. Super shot!
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. Adorable!! I bet it is a big hit with the girls in her class!!


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