Happy 10 Months, Peanut!

Time seriously can not be going by this fast. You can not almost be a year old.

The likeliness of getting you to take your monthly picture while smiling, laying flat, and not trying to crawl away are slim to none. You are into EVERYTHING these days. I can't keep my eyes off you for one minute. You are a lot braver than your sissy was at this age, which I read is normal for boys. I see a broken something in our future....

You love to play with balls, trucks, cars, and anything that rolls. I have so much fun watching you discover how your toys work. What's nice is that your sister loves to play with those kinds of toys too, so she helps you explore your world. BTW did I mention that you love your big sissy. You try to give her kisses daily and it is by far the sweetest thing.

You don't want to nap anymore, which makes you a grumpy butt at times. But you are loving your crib right now and will sleep in it almost all night. You still night nurse once or twice. I have tried to give you a pacifier instead, but you refuse. You don't want to nurse right before bed though. Which is weird because I think it would help. I know it's most likely because mommy's milk isn't flowing as fast as you'd like. Which makes me really sad because I am determined to make it to a year because you might be our last baby.

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Buying clothes for you is s hard because I literally can not find as much as there is for little girls. everywhere I go there are at least 3 tapered off sections for girls clothes and 1 for boys. You are still short and a little chubby. You had a great first Christmas and New Years, even if you weren't feeling 100%.

I guess I have to start planning your first birthday party soon...We found out that you were accidentally names after WWE's "The Miz" whose original name is Michael Gregory Mizanin and now Daddy wants to have a wrestling theme for your first birthday. Yeah I want to go with Mickey Mouse Club House since I have everything to throw you a party to show our #DisneySide. We shall see who wins. ;)

I still can't believe you are 10 months old. It feels like yesterday my water broke two weeks early. You are sweet and cuddly, but energetic and a daredevil.

Happy 10 Months, Peanut!

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  1. What a little doll!
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/01/eating-pinecone-on-cob.html

  2. Yes, the boys section is way to small compared to the girls section. I wish there were more choices! My little one still nurses at night (at 17 mo!) and will not sleep all night (or sleep in her crib!) I love the sibling love too!

  3. The way you talked about your children is heartwarming! You speak from the heart and it made reading this review more pleasant! I was a tomboy and always wanted a boy! God saw it differently and blessed me with four daughters. He did bless me with four grandsons also. I love buying boy's clothes. But there does seem to be much more clothing for girls!! I also was am a huge hand-me down clothes person!

  4. He is so cute! I could just kiss that little face (I know that isn't proper in today's age and rightfully so with RSV and others.) My baby is now 25 so I agree with keeping them young.


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