World of Coke & An Anniversary

Were we crazy? What were we thinking?!

We were thinking; we won tickets, Hubby's on vacation, so LET'S GO!

When we first went in there was a huge group with us. They talked about many of the collectibles in one room and then we went into another room where we watched a very cute and sweet 6 minute movie. I made sure to wear one of my Milk Nursingwear nursing shirts so I could nurse Peanut during this time. At the next spot there were stairs to go up and most of the things to do including the 4D theatre and the tasting room were up there so I decided to use my Boba 4G infant carrier and babywear for almost the rest of the time. They had a stroller parking that made this easier. I was VERY worried about the 4D movie because SweetPea screamed and cried during the one at Stone Mountain when my mom took us when she was (almost) 4 months old. But the main part of this attraction were the moving seats and we sat in ones that didn't move which are available for people who need them. Peanut ended up just falling asleep and the carrier blocked the air ad water that shot out at us. Hubby said that SweetPea did get scared at times, but mostly enjoyed it.

We went through and saw the vault which was a very cool experience. And then decided to see the infamous Polar Bear, but Sweet Pea wanted NONE of that! LOL We then went in for the tasting room where you can taste all different kinds from around the world. Hubby made me try this one from Italy that literally tasted like cologne! GAG! I kind of wished he took a video of it. H couldn't stop laughing. I was SO mad because WHY did I trust him? LOL

Afterwards we took SweetPea to play in the Centennial Olympic Park fountain. Peanut needed to nurse again and Hubby didn't want to get his phone wet in case he had to run in and save her, so I have no pictures of that cuteness. Hubby wanted to go to the aquarium too, but I knew SweetPea wouldn't make it since she didn't take a nap.

We went yesterday to the World of Coke. Which was the 16th or a year ago that was the day we found out I was pregnant with Peanut. And now here he is in his 4 month glory. ;) I will give a 4 month update, promise. The 15th (and the main reason Hubby is on vacation) was our SEVEN YEAR wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?! Time FLIES when you are having fun! We mostly had a quiet night at home. Just bought some steaks and a cheap bottle of wine (I only had half a glass, I promise). I love that guy and am excited for the life we have made together and the many more fun & crazy years to come!


  1. What a cool tour. When we went to Disney world there was a Coke exihibit and we got to taste different cokes.

  2. I unfortunately did not get to attend a wedding here, but instead attended a conference and can I just say - the view was totally mind blowing.

  3. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were just talking about how fast time has gone. We are having our 14th this year.

  4. World of Coke?! Why have I never heard of this before? Of course if I ever make it, I'll definitely avoid the Italian Coke.

  5. Don't you just love the animatronics of the polar bear?! It's one of the best mascot suits ever! Visiting from MMM.

  6. Happy anniversary! I hardly think you were crazy going...but it's all about perspective:)


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