Weekly Totals - Publix - Saved 73%!

I was excited for this trip because I got some more great donation items for Stamp Out Hunger this Saturday. The diapers are a good deal to me and although my little man isn't in that size yet, I never want to have to pay full price for diapers and he will definitely go through them.

So I saved 73% this week...
I went to two Publix stores. One accepts Target coupons, the other doesn't. And it was crazy the differences on how they look at couponers at each store. The first (the Target competitor store), a cashier told another customer "Woah, you don't want to go there, she has too many coupons". :( That made me feel like crud, but this is how we pay for groceries, it's like money to me. Then at the second store, the cashier said, "Wow! Awesome deal! What did it start out as? You did great!" Even the guy behind me in line was impressed. That made my day, because I work hard on my trips and like to make sure I am following the rules while saving money.

So the big question I got last week was "Where do you get all your printable coupons?" I have a wireless HP Envy 5530 printer that I got from being an #HPSmartMom. So I can print from my iPad, my iPhone, and my Hubby's iPhone, as well as from my laptop. So with two prints per IP and if they have a mobile app like coupons.com has, I can get a total of 8 prints! Plus some prints (like the Sambazon and Jennie-O) reset at the first of the month so I took advantage of that as well.

Anyways, here is what I got this week with breakdown:

8 Sambazon Smoothie 2/$5
= $4 or $0.50 each!

2 Huggies Little Snugglers Box Diapers $18.99 - $7 off WYB 2 sale
= $21.98 or $10.99 each!

5 Jennie-O Frozen Turkey Burgers BOGO $8.59 (rain check from last week)
= $16.48 or $3.30 each!

2 Fresh Express Salad Blends BOGO $3.99

Bananas $0.69/lb
2.62 lbs
= $1.81

5 Similac Sensitive (on clearance) 2/$4.89
- 5 $5/1 mailed from manufacturer
= $12.78 money maker!

Thomas English Muffins BOGO $4.19
= $1.10

2 Barber Stuffed Chicken BOGO $4.99
= $2.99 or $1.50 each!

PureVia Stevia Liquid $2.99
PureVia 40 ct $2.49
- Free Liquid WYB 40 ct Publix Coupon Green Ad Flyer
= $0.49 or $0.25 each!

Total Saved: $118.63
Total Spent: $44.18

Total Precentage Saved: 73% :D


  1. What a great deal on the Similac and on the diapers. I was able to use the Whole Foods coupons on the Sambazon as well, so it actually helped pay for veggies.

    1. Oh how I wish I had a store around me that took Whole Food coupons. :( But that's awesome you scored that great deal! :)

  2. Great job! You can really save at Publix, such great deals


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