Happy March! {WW #65 + LINKY}

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We had our "fake" Spring start the month off here in Georgia and now we are back to having the heat on and freezing as soon as we walk out the door. SweetPea had a stomach virus yesterday, but seems to be doing better so far today. Still going to be taking it easy.


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  1. Little girls picking flowers is one of the sweetest visions you'll ever have, until you have a little boy. My kids would often bring me a lovely bouquet of flowering weeds. Let me tell you, weeds never looked more beautiful than through the eyes of a child. Moments I will treasure forever! Happy WW!!

  2. We've had our share of sickness this winter, both of my boys had that stomach virus. Now I have the worst head and chest cold that I've had in a long time. I hope SweatPea is feeling better! I love her outfit! What a nice pic. of her picking flowers.

  3. Yes, my daylillies have started to sprout and my walking Irises showed green tips this weekend. I can't wait for them to bloom next month!

  4. Theres nothing cuter than a little girl picking fresh flowers, she is so darn cute! The weather has been so crazy this year, hope it evens out soon. Thanks for hosting!

  5. She is so absolutely adorable! My daffodils didn't bloom this year, but I think it's because of the freeze/warm/freeze we keep having. It could be that the squirrels have dug them up too though, lol!

  6. Very cute! Can't wait until it's "real spring" here. I hope my daffodils bloom! Hope your daughter is feeling much better by now. Have a great Wednesday!

  7. Aw, hope sweet pea is feeling better soon :)

  8. Cute little one!


  9. She is so sweet. I just love gardening with my kids.

  10. Awwww So precious. Hope she's feeling better too! I hate it when kids are sick with anything.

  11. What a cutie! I cannot wait for flowers to bloom here!

  12. So sweet! I'll have to look and see if our flowers are blooming. Seems like it's been so cold lately.

    1. This picture was taken the second by my MIL at her house. BTW I downloaded the collect app. Loving it. :)

  13. What a cutie! We are having spring like weather already hoping the rest of the country gets some too!

  14. I love daffodils! Your little one is a little angel!


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