Getting Ready for Baby {Ingenuity Washable Playard Review}

I received the below product from Ingenuity complimentary to provide this review.
As always all opinions are 100% my own.

I had a playard or "pack-n-play" with my daughter. I watched my friend's little girl for almost two years and until I insisted she bring her playard, her daughter slept in ours. We took it on our first two family vacations and to the lake SweetPea's first summer. I had two issues with this playard, it had a TON of extra pieces that didn't fit into the carry bag and it was a pain to clean. That's why I was excited to receive Ingenuity's Washable Playard to review. Every fabric that baby touches is 100% washable! PLUS with so many things that are NOT gender neutral out on the market and with us not finding out the gender of baby number two before delivery (yes we are still team green), it is nice to find that the Marlo fashion is a truly neutral color scheme.

Ingenuity by Bright Stars Washable Playard Review

Assembly wasn't very hard at all. There weren't a lot of pieces to keep track of either. Which made assembly with a three year old a lot easier. Of course SweetPea insisted on helping and then wanted to put her babies in it as soon as everything was put together.

Ingenuity Washable Playard Assembly

This has to be my favorite feature. The fact that is 100% washable so even the fabric on the mat comes off easily and can be thrown in the washer! Between my friend's little girl and SweetPea, there were tons of little stains from random bodily fluids on our old one that as much as I tried to get them off, they are still visible. My other favorite feature is the One Less Step™ feature which lets you fold the playard without removing the bassinet. With my old one, you had to take everything apart and it didn't fit into the bag unless you did.

Ingenuity's NEW Washable Playard with Dream Centre in Marlo

Here's a picture of some more zippers where you can take all the fabric off. And the fact that it is all 100% MACHINE washable fabrics zip off in under five minutes to help remove airborne allergens, dust, dirt and more with ease which makes my life so much easier! So when we go to the lake this spring/summer, I won't have to worry pollen (we are allergic), sand, or dirt staying in it for weeks.

Ingenuity Washable Playard Review

It has a ton of storage like other their other playards (my old one didn't have storage), comes with a Just Right Height changing table which is raised to help make diaper changes comfortable and pivots out of the way when not in use, so diaper changes are a breeze. We have stairs in our house and with all of the diaper changes that newborns need, I like having everything downstairs in an organized spot. The removable Dream Centre features soft fabrics with breathable mesh and an overhead toy bar with two plush toys which will make nap times so much easier as well.

Ingenuity's 100% Washable Playard with Dream Centre Review

It includes a very cute owl toy bar that pivots to make it easy for baby to view. It also has a Soothing Sounds Station™ features five melodies and three nature sounds that even my three year old loves. It has wheels which offer simple maneuverability that my old playard didn't have either.

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I can't wait for peanut to get here. We have about three more weeks until we get to meet our precious little bundle and I feel so blessed with all the amazing products like Ingenuity's Washable Playard to help make our transition from a family of three to a family of FOUR so much easier.

What are your thoughts on Ingenuity's NEW Washable Playard with Dream Centre in Marlo?

***UPDATE 10/3/14***
We are bringing this to Florida. TWO things I noticed.
1. The bassinet part is kind of hard to take off.
2. I wish the organizer could come off separately instead of with the whole bottom half, so I could keep it filled when traveling and just wash it if need be.

I received the above product from Ingenuity by Bright Stars complimentary to provide this review. As always all opinions are 100% my own. Although I received complimentary items to review, I only share products that I believe would be a good fit for my readers.


  1. I love that you can easily remove things to wash them! I used to use the top part of our pack n play thing as a changing station when my daughter was younger and we still have stains on it too, try as we might to get them out. :(

  2. Play yards have gotten so much cooler than when my kids were little. I wish ours had had storage!

  3. What a great looking playard. Love all the little pickets.

    Michelle F.

  4. I would have LOVED to have had one of these when my boys were small! I was always trying to clean theirs and it was a nightmare!

  5. Washable well that's just Brilliant! Love the Ariel doll and other doll baby making themselves at home in it. Too cute!

  6. Wow! THat has so many features!

  7. Question is a play yard necessary? I have been struggling with decision as I'm having my first baby in July. We tent often in the summer so I thought it would be useful in a campground. Anyways, this looks like a nice one, if I decide to get one I will consider it.

    1. We used our playard a lot. It depends what you do. For traveling, visiting friends during nap times, going to the lake, or on vacation. Some people even use them instead of bassinets for bedside during those newborn days.

  8. this sounds so much better than the playyard we used to have! I love that you can take it and clean it!

  9. I Wish I Had One When My Kids Were little, Love It!

  10. We had one similar to this with my last. I loved the newborn area at the top and we used the changing table a lot too. It was great! Ours didn't have a sound station so that would have been nice. Great pictures and review. :) I love the color.

    1. Really? Was it washable like this? This is the first that I've heard to be capable of doing this.

      I'm excited to have a place for our newborn to sleep & change easily on our first floor when they get here.

  11. I like the sound of this!! Seems like cleaning it is a snap, and that really is important. We've got the forced air heaters too, so in the winter, I get really concerned with dust in the bigger items that are traditionally harder to wash.

  12. Oh that is really nice! I will have to show my pregnant friends! So many nice features!

  13. It has been 9 years since I have needed a portable crib - boy have they come a long way! This one looks terrific.

  14. Congrats! I like the idea of not finding out the gender of the baby. I had one like this. It's very convenient. I hope you have wonderful week.

  15. can you order the washable bottom part separate?


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