Do You Remember Your Prom Dress?

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I remember searching and searching for my prom dress. I remember hopping from store to store and being disappointed with what I was finding in a plus size variety. I have always been plus size. I have curves. But when I was in high school it was even more difficult for me to find clothes that fit me because I was extremely hour glass shaped with an average waistline, but plus size bust. Now, I'm a little more pear shaped, but that's a story for another day.


I recently was offered the opportunity to explore JenJenHouse which is an online retailer that sales inexpensive prom and wedding dresses PLUS you can get them custom fitted. I wasn't offered a shopping experience, so I can't give my opinion on that, but I love there are sites out there now for people searching for that perfect dress and will have a lot easier time than I did because of my size. I have been trying to find something exactly what I wore to prom but I guess it was so long ago because I can only find similar dresses.

This dress above is very similar to my long prom dress. I loved the beading on mine and how it fell on my waistline. it was even red like mine. But I think if I could go back in time (or if I ever get the opportunity to go to a prom again *wink*wink*), I might get something more like the one below. I love tulle dresses. I think it's the princess in me. My prom dress had a tulle bottom, but nothing like this. Of course I made up for that with my wedding dress. ;)

What do you remember about your prom dress? What do you remember about your prom dress shopping experience? Was it easy? Or was it like mine, and you wish it was as simple as it can be now with sites like

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  1. what a beautiful dress. Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.


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