Sick & Sleepy, WW #53 + LINKY

We have been trying to get better around here. SweetPea and I both have had colds. I even had to take her to the doctor last week (Tuesday). She only had the beginnings of an ear infection and you would never have known she was sick the way she acted at the doctor's office. But she has been having coughing spells, so I have been letting her sleep in the living room on her pull out Tinkerbell couch. It keeps her elevated, close to me, and has proven that she can go without a diaper at nap time! :)
(Sorry for the grainy cell phone pic.)

Sick and Sleepy


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  1. Very cute picture! I didn;t know you hosted this link up! I've heard of it before. I will have to participate another day. <3

  2. Hope everyone feels better! :) Danica

  3. Aww poor baby. Hope you guys feel better soon! Thanks for the linky, I'll be visiting again once I get my post up :)

  4. Thanks for the linky! I linked up!

  5. Awww man hope everyone feels better I hate when the babies are sick

  6. Aww! how cute heheh! hope you all feel better very soon ;-)

    Have a cuddletastic week ;-)

  7. We've been battling colds off and on here for nearly a month. Not fun at all. Hope you all feel better soon!

  8. Poor sweet little girl... Hope she's better by now.

  9. Ah! They always look so sweet when sleeping!

  10. So sorry you guys have been sick. :(

    Thanks for the party Diana and have a beautiful week.


  11. Shhhhh! Awwww Poor baby! I hope she's better soon!

  12. Poor mommy and poor baby. The sickies are the worst. We had them a couple weeks ago.

  13. Isn't that always the way? They never act ill in front of the doctor!!


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