Evenflo Bebek Collection {Review}

I received a Evenflo Bebek Collection bottle, nipple, & pacifier through Mom Spark Media">Mom Spark Media to provide this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Evenflo Bebek Collection Review

When you have your brand new baby and you establish a breastfeeding relationship with them, the thought of returning back to work is truly heart-breaking. How are you going to leave your sweet little bundle. Besides finding child care that you find comfortable with, one of the first thing's you need to consider is finding the right bottle for your little one.

Eveflo Bebek Collection Bottle Review

Bebek bottles are expertly designed for easy assembly and leak-free feeding. The ergonomic shape makes the bottle comfortable to hold for both you and your baby. The simple one-piece nipple with integrated vent means no extra parts to clean or lose. Bebek bottles are all BPA-free and top rack dishwasher-safe. Bottles are available in either 2 oz, 5 oz, or 8 ounce sizes. Although I thought the flow was a little fast for a breastfed baby, I did like the shape and how easy the bottle was to hold.

Another thing to consider when you are breastfeeding, is the use of a pacifier. I chose to use a pacifier once my daughter and I had established a great breastfeeding bond because I didn't want to be a human paci. Each child is different and will prefer different types of pacifiers.

Evenflo Bebek Collection Pacifier Review

I did like that Evenflo Bebek Pacifiers because they were soft and shaped closer to mom, in my opinion. I can't wait for my next little one to try them out. I decided not to test these out on Sweet Pea, since it has been a few months since she has had a pacifier and I didn't want her to back track. The Evenflo Bebek pacifiers come in packs of two with an orange and then either a blue, pink, or green plus a neat little storage case that's perfect for your diaper bag.

The Evenflo Bebek Collection features a complete line of bottles, nipples and pacifiers that are all created to feel more like Mom, allowing parent and baby to enjoy the bonding time that feeding provides. The superior, one-piece vented nipple rapidly vents air bubbles into the bottle and not baby’s tummy, resulting in less gas, fussiness and colic. The soft, wide-base nipple also provides an easier latch for baby and for transition from breast to bottle.

I received a Evenflo Bebek Collection bottle, nipple, & pacifier through Mom Spark Media to provide this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Good post, i like the bottles!! xx


  2. Those bottles look fancy! Thanks for the awesome review!

  3. I breast fed all of my kids and none of them would take a pacifier. I would watch them try to suck on one and they would shoot out of their mouths like a rocket. Maybe if they had been shaped more natural they could have held on to them. Glad to see the progress that has been made since my kiddos were small.

  4. I love evenflo products. The bottles look durable.


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