How To Be A Power Pumper {yoomi Bottle Review}

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How to be a Power Pumper

I was never a good pumper and I honestly blame my pump. But with the recent arrival of my sister-in-law's baby, she already has a freezer full of breastmilk! So I thought I would ask for some her tips, with the help of Pinterest to help make a useful list for those who want to bottle feed as well as share my opinion of an awesome bottle.

Power Pumping can increase your supply in about 2 days!

Your goal is to pump for 20 minutes, then take a 20 minute break (go about your normal life) then another 20 minute pump session, then 20 minute break. Attempt to repeat this for two days. Of course, you will likely have to stop for a few hours here and there throughout the day. But try to resume whenever possible. You will be simulating your baby going through a growth spurt. Continue pumping for 5 minutes after milk stops flowing to elicit second let down.

Make sure to drink plenty of water, also make sure you are consuming enough calories. Eat non instant oatmeal daily. Eat breastfeeding cookies. ;) It's okay if baby nurses off a breast that isn't full, they will be getting more "hind milk". Their suction will pull more milk out than a pump will. Your breast are never truly empty.

"Dry Pumping" (pumping with nothing coming out) is okay, because an empty breast when being stimulated will tell your body that baby is extra hungry. And a full breast tells your body, to make less milk. Try not to let your breast fill up, remember to empty them by either nursing your precious little one, pumping, or hand expressing!

Extra Tips: Rubbing your breast (above and below - imagine milking a cow, hey we're all mammals) toward your nipple will help push out any milk that is hiding deep in your milk ducts. Milk production is highest between 1 and 5 am, so try to either pump or pump after nursing then. Go through insurance provider, thanks to new legislation, and get a high quality, double electric pump. Rent hospital grade if you can. Pump after you shower, pump after you nurse, use heat packs.

Some supplements that can help boost milk supply:
More Milk Plus (alcohol free)
Mother's Milk Tea
Blessed Thistle
Brewer's Yeast
Prescriptions: Raglan or Domperidone

Okay first of all the yoomi bottle is cool by itself because the nipple is disigned to easily transition baby easily between breast and bottle. The other reason the yoomi is so cool is because when you are out in public, you no longer have to scramble to find warm water, or worry about how 'safe' the water is, you don't need to be bothered with worrying how to warm up your breastmilk, or leaving it off ice when you didn't need it and half to worry about it spoiling. No more! yoomi has this awesome warmer that easily fits into the top so you can warm baby's milk to the perfect temperature in a matter of seconds.

yoomi website - Facebook - Twitter

I love that Yoomi was created by a mom and dad just looking for a better solution with warming up bottles on the go.

Do you have any tips for pumping mamas? What do you think of the Yoomi bottle?

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