Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables DVD #Review + #Giveaway

MACT Excellence Award Award Winning Child Products

Just kidding...kinda.
I have hang ups about a few veggies and actually raw carrots are one of them,
But no I don't want my daughter to have these hang ups.
I want her to have a better diet than me and not have to struggle with weightloss.

Recently we had the opportunity to review Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables DVD. And in doing a little research on the product this is what I came across:
"Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables is a media product designed to get young children enthusiastic about eating their fruits and vegetables. The DVD is divided into 6-8 minute chapters, each focusing on a different fruit or vegetable. DVD 1 contains: carrots, apples, tomatoes, bell pepper, broccoli, avocado, raspberries, blueberries, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and cucumber. Simple. Adorable. It features kids having such a good time eating fruits and veggies, that when children watch it, they want to join in. Featuring well-known pediatrician, Dr. Gordon, this product is a positive approach in the quest to get children eating healthy from the start."

So of course we were very excited to test it out.

First veggie we tested out were raw baby carrots. SweetPea actually doesn't have a problem with raw carrots. But B on the other hand...she had never had a raw carrot before this experiment and she loved them so much, both girls gobbled the entire bag. And I feel it's because she saw the children on the DVD eat with her and her best friend.

Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD review giveaway

Enjoying watching the other children. She would say, "Kids, Kids!" and then take a bite when they would. It was very cute.
Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD Review and Giveaway

So busy enjoying her carrots she doesn't even have time for a picture!
Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Veggies Review

We also tried bell pepper, although we weren't watching the DVD (we had just got done), but they were not fans.

Teaching good nutrition is such an important part of child raising, something I never realized before. I knew children needed to eat fruits and vegetables but I didn't realize that everything I do is being constantly watched by a little sponge. It's truly amazing.

Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables DVD is an award winning DVD.

Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award WinnerDr. Toy 10 Best Audio/DVD Excellence Award

Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables DVD was also approved by the USDA and added to their Education and Training Materials Database for pre-school nutrition.

I am so excited that not only am I getting to provide you with a review but one lucky NannyToMommy reader gets the opportunity to win a DVD to own!

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***Although I was given free products for review, all opinions are my own.***

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  1. I love the concept of this DVD! My son won't go anywhere near veggies. He is by far the pickiest eater I've ever seen! I would love to try this out with him.

  2. I LOVE this idea!!! We have been trying really hard to get my son to eat more veggies. I think this would be a great product to get him more involved. Especially since he can be eating the veggies while watching.

  3. I love that it teaches the kids that vegetables are OK to eat ... they aren't icky. It's a hard thing to do and this DVD makes it easy! CUTE idea :)

    Lanaya | xoxo

  4. I wonder if this would work with teenagers. :) Im a new follower from a blog hop. I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. New follower here from a blog hop. Great page!


  6. I like that it features kids eating the veggies.

  7. I'm sure the kids will love this.

  8. This looks like an awesome DVD and maybe something that would help with my younger daughter, who is a picky eater. My older will eat just about anything I put in front of her, but my younger not so much. So, thanks very much for sharing Diana and love the giveaway, too!! :)

  9. I am so happy my son is not a picky eater...he'll eat almost anything you put in front of him. But this looks like a fantastic DVD.

    Found you via the Super Sunday Sync and now following you via GFC. :)

  10. Wow, good job kids for eating your raw veggies.

  11. I need this for other foods, veggies are actually one of the only foods my daughter WILL eat, lol.

  12. I love the social nature of the activity. Hurrah for positive peer pressure!

  13. I am sending this to my grandson and his mother; when we visited..we didn't feed him any forms of sugar...we gave him green beans and he enjoyed it. But I would like to see him eating more healthy foods. Thank you for the this opportunity.

  14. I think this sounds awesome! It is absolutely critical to be feeding our little ones the best.

  15. my 2 year old son used to be so good when it came to eating veggies but lately has been giving me trouble so i think this dvd would be great for him

  16. I'd say my favorite feature is that they are eating healthy foods and encouraging other to do the same.


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