Creative Bioscience Challenge - 30 Day Update

Remember how I told you all I was going to start taking Creative Bioscience's 30 Day Diet and taking the 90 Day Challenge?

Well it's been 30 days since I started, let's see how we did:

30 Day Diet promises weight loss, due to increased energy, and greater appetite control.

I gained 4lbs during the Holidays and am now back down to my weight before Christmas plus down a few more!

I am so excited to continue my weight loss journey with help from Creative Bioscience's supplement. And for a limited time you can get off 15% off Creative Bioscience products at when you use code NAN2MOM at check-out!

Where I started versus Where I am now. Do you see a difference?
Creative Bioscience Weight loss Results

Creative Bioscience 90 Day Weightloss Chaalenge Discount


  1. ohmygosh! your weightloss is coming along so well!!! you look great!!!!! keep it up its really paying off :D good job!!!

  2. You're so tiny! Look at you!! Congratulations, girlie! You deserve a shopping spree.



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