Christmas Traditions on The Day Before Christmas

'Twas the day before Christmas
and a blogger was reminiscing,
Of Christmas pasts with family
And the traditions they held so dear.

Okay that was a terrible poem but it's my segue into
a post sharing our Christmas traditions.

First and foremost,
our most important tradition is decorating the tree.
Each year we watch Elf as we do it, this started when we moved into
our house. Sometimes we also watch Love Actually too.
Probably no longer Love Actually now that we have,
Sweet Pea though...

Each year we use to eat at the Varsity on Christmas Eve,
2009 it moved to Waffle House,
2010 we stopped this tradition completely because
SweetPea was 16 days old plus there were threats of
snow in GA which always means everything shuts down.
But I am hoping to start it again soon.

Peace up, A-town.

Each year we go over to my in-laws read 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
on Christmas Eve. We missed it one year and Hubby was very upset.

For the past three years we have been going
to the Town Square to see Santa Clause.
It's always the same guy and he is the nicest Santa helper,
he so good with the children and so patient.

After eating at the Varsity, we use to go to the Town Square and take pictures.
Now we take pictures when we go see Santa but I would like to try and bring
this tradition back as well.

This tradition started last year that I decided to continue is,
making her hand print into a snowman ornament.

New Christmas activity we started this year, also, that I am hoping to continue -
Going to the Christmas parade in our town square.
SweetPea had so much fun and his family use to go every year when he was younger.

As well as going over to the in-laws to read,
we usually open a Christmas present on Christmas Eve.
And it's usually pajamas. :)

Most of these traditions are based on my husband's family traditions. I never grew up with any that I remember. I remember the idea of traditions were there but nothing moved from year to year. My parents got divorced when I was five. So I only ever remember a Christmas divided. I remember running around every year and never getting time to enjoy the day. I woke up at my mom's and then we went to my Granny's house and then my dad would come get us and Santa always came to his house too. Then he would take us over to my Papa and Granny's house. And then the day was over. It always felt that Christmas was over in the blink of an eye.

This is the first year (besides the year she was born) that we can't go up there.
And it is bittersweet. But we have to do what is best for our family.

Traditions change because they have to. Families grow. If you don't change or alter your traditions, you are just going to leave someone out or exclude someone. If you don't want to change, that's fine but be aware that others may have to because they want the best for their family. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Christmas is a time when you celebrate Jesus' birth. The presents, food, parties - all that doesn't matter. Spending time with everyone you love is what matters.

So, if anyone is still online, what are some of your family traditions?
Have a post? I would love if you shared it in your comment. :)

Our tradition of reading 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, was mentioned on Circle of Moms! You can view it HERE.

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  1. Diana - I love this post. You have some lovely traditions. I also like the way you explained traditions changing and that it's okay to change. Very nicely said. Merry Christmas! Reia from

  2. How cute - those ornaments are priceless!! What a great idea!! I have some craft ideas on my site, too - check out


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