Vacation: Mid-Week Update

So this vacation has been interesting to say the least. I am looking at all the awesome couponing deals I am missing and wishing I had brought my coupons but honestly that is just because I just now turned on a computer. I really have been enjoying myself even though we have had some bumps along the way.

We left at 6 am Saturday morning. We said we were going to leave at 5 but with two kids (one a 21 month old who doesn't wake up until 7:30) things are never going to go as planned. We stopped at Cracker Barrel before we really got on the road. Sweet Pea took two hour long naps. And was really good. She drank a lot of fluids and had an accident through her diaper when we reached Panama City, it wasn't time to check in yet so I had to change her at the Wendy's across the street, where we also had lunch. They didn't have a changing table in the restroom and the car was packed so we had to hide in a booth so I could change her. We did head to the beach as soon as we checked in but Sweet Pea was having none of it.
Saturday night we ate pizza in the room, we had to head back out to Publix (where I had a bad experience with the cashier), and then headed back to the condo where we promptly crashed of sheer exhaustion.

 Sunday we spent almost the entire day at the beach. Sweet Pea didn't like walking in the sand but we had to make her because everyone's hands were full carrying stuff. Once she got to our spot she loved to play in the sand. She would even dump it on to her legs. She took a 3 hour nap in her pack-n-play and had no trouble going to sleep. That night we went to Sharky's to eat. Panama City is an hour difference from our time. So although Sweet Pea wakes up between 7 - 7:30 at home, she woke up between 6 - 6:30 almost everyday so far. So dinner was eventful because I didn't take into consideration that it was almost 7pm our time by the time she was having dinner. She wouldn't eat any snacks I brought and only wanted to be held. Once the food came she was happier but of course I didn't realize the issue until Tuesday. :/ Hubby and I wanted to share a seafood platter but didn't realize everything was fried, and they were using old grease, so after looking forward to seafood, I was VERY disappointed.
After that we headed to Pier Park to ride some rides. Sweet Pea rode the merry-go-round and Ferris wheel. I almost had a heart attack but Daddy said she loved it.

Monday we had to go to Wal-mart because we were already almost out of bread and milk! But considering there are 8 people staying in our condo and everyone is eating cereal for breakfast and having sandwiches for lunch, it makes sense. Sweet Pea did even better about going to the beach and didn't cry walking on it. She still insisted on holding both hands but this was a vast improvement. She even made a friend.

Monday night we went to Spinnaker's. All I have to say about that night was "wow". There was a patio that had stairs down to the beach and since she was pitching a fit, we took her out to walk in the sand. But since I hadn't figured out the hour difference thing, she wouldn't put her shoes back on but wanted to walk around but I was afraid she would get splinters. She pitched the BIGGEST fit. And I had to walk with her to the other room and I cried. And that made her stop because she felt bad. But then our food came and she was in a lot better mood. But it shouldn't have come to that. It makes me mad because didn't I just say stick to your child's schedule?

After that I needed a drink. So once Sweet Pea went to sleep, we left her with the in-laws and headed to Mrs. Newby's (a short walk from our condo) and had their famous Hunch Punch. Very yummy and lots of fun was had by all.
Tuesday we went shopping at a consignment shop and then went to Pier Park to the Carter's because I had a 20% off $40 coupon I had been itching to use because last year they had such great deals. They had great deals this year. Nana bought Sweet Pea a ton of cute clothes and we are very grateful. Too bad we didn't go today because Grandparent's get an extra 10% off! We also visited Starbucks.

By this time, it was lunch and nap time. I was exhausted and decided to take a nap with Sweet Pea. Then when we woke up, we headed to the beach where of course she had a blast and even buried Daddy in the sand.

That night for dinner we went to Schooner's and I decided that we should order food for Little Bit as soon as we sat down. And I am so glad we did. She did awesome. If it wasn't for them firing the cannon at sunset then she would have been perfect. But she still did amazing. And I am so glad we figured out a way for us to be able to have a peaceful meal because I was thinking we were going to have a dinner of sandwiches in the room every night.

This morning we went to the beach. There was a bit of overcast which made pictures beautiful (don't worry we still put on sunscreen). Everyone is now taking a nap or having quiet time while I update except for my MIL and SIL because my SIL had to head back home for work.

Whew, that was a long post. Maybe I should try and do daily ones from now on. Anyways, I am having fun. I have been checking in here and there but I've honestly been trying to stay unconnected as much as possible. I needed a break, although I have been cleaning up after everyone. :/ But I think that's more my OCD. HA! 


  1. I always bring my coupons. I even brought them on vacation to husband was trying to change my mind when he was jamming all my coupons into the trunk and barely had room. I said that we always have to make room for the important stuff. During the vacation, we had to get tissues and a bunch of other things so I hit the Rite Aid and got tons of deals and a few groceries at the Kroger!! It was a fun couponining adventure for me!! Plus I saved money for the family so that we could afford to get some more fun things on vacation. I hope that you have a great time but I do know vacationing with young ones is super hard and sometimes not as relaxing but it is nice that you have family to watch them so that you can run out for a drink :)

    1. I did save some money the first night with a few coupons I brought but it was a shopping trip I planned at home. I also tend to usually use printables and I didn't have access to one here. I will however be back next week with a huge shopping total for yall. :)

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  3. Oh thanks for linking this up on our FTSF Diana and sounded like a very nice vacation, but I do know what you mean about taking babies and kids off their schedules. So not a pleasant experience at times.


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