Wednesday's Weekly Weigh-In : Week #1

So I thought about doing a weekly post about my weight loss journey but I don't know if I quite feel comfortable yet. I am over 200 pounds and have a ways to go. I want to get to 160 although my 'ideal' weight is suppose to be 130-140 because I am so short. But I was this weight when I graduated high school and would be happy with it. But my main goal is to just get under 200. I don't want all the blood pressure issues I had with my pregnancy with Sweet Pea. 

So I am reaching out for encouragement. Please don't be critical as I am an emotional eater. :/ I'm reaching to find some kind of support network. Below I've added a link up system where others can post their videos, blog posts, pictures, whatever, of your weight this week and how you are progressing. I'm hoping to start recording videos as well by next week. And to also give everyone a more detailed layout of what I'm doing to loss and hopefully I will get to a point where I can encourage others.

How does this sound to everyone else? Completely ridiculous? Completely crazy? Well maybe I need to lose my mind a little because in the current mind-set I am in, I'm over weight, under exercised, and eat too much chocolate.

This please share your story:


  1. Hi Diana! I'm Amanda! I don't know you, but I know your hubby (we graduated together). I'm in the same boat as you. I had my second daughter 4 yrs ago, and became a SAHM then. After that, I gained a lot of weight. But, am now trying to lose it (and it's hard)! If you want to talk to me, feel free to email me Maybe we can give each other tips or whatever

  2. Hey Diana--this is Courtney. :) It's great to hear you're doing a weight loss journal. Even if you're only accountable to yourself, it gives you something to keep on track with.

    However, I'm a little concerned, since you asked "please don't be critical as I am an emotional eater." Rest assured that I'm not trying to be critical, but I sincerely want to help you reach your goals--and I think to do that, you have to tackle this problem. You're certainly not alone in having this problem. A lot of people eat because they're stressed out or having a bad day, but understanding this and learning to replace such a habit with healthier ones goes a long way. Take a look at the video in my link; it goes over our different human needs and how we sometimes fill them with food (emotional eating included.)

    Best of luck, and keep setting goals like you've been doing! You can totally do this.


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