Sweet Pea's First Birthday Party Invite

So today we went my friend from high school's son's first birthday party. She was in town so her family could celebrate his birthday, she currently lives in Tokyo as her husband is in the Air Force. I haven't seen her since high school but we have stayed in touch.

Anyways, I felt like I had to nurse Sweet Pea in the hall because as you might know she doesn't like a cover, and since I was uncomfortable she had a hard time latching on. So we left early but I did get to see my other good friend from high school, Jorge Mayorga who is a photographer over at J.Mayorga Photography. (Liana is his wife.) He is amazing, please go check him out. :)

And look at the beautiful pictures he took.

A fun day was had by all! :)

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  1. i LOVE her little outfit. I love babies in bright colors! Thanks for linking up to Mommy Moments



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