Nanny to Mommy: Lizzie's 4 Month Check In!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lizzie's 4 Month Check In!

Exactly 4 Months Old
Lizzie's four month check up today. Weight: 12.2 pounds (25%), Height 23 1/2 inches (25%), Head 42 1/2 inches(90%!). She had to have four shots today. It breaks my heart every time. But she was a big girl! The doctor said she is doing really well. He said we could start on solid foods, cereals and stage ones. He said the longer you wait, the more food allergies they tend to have. I feel she is ready so we went by Target, bought some cereal, and gave it to her for lunch today!

Yummy at first...

Then DONE!
It was INTERESTING to say the least! :) So our little girl is good and healthy!
(These picture were actually taken the next day when she tried bananas for the first time.)

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