CIO or Cry It Out. I can NOT do this method. I was always the one (before I ever got pregnant) to say, 'Oh they'll be fine, just let them cry'. In fact I pretty sure I said this to a few of my friends who had babies.

Being a nanny I never had to use this method. Both kids would just go to sleep when you put them in a crib or bed. Of course I don't know how they would do at night.

My niece was always a screamer because she had TERRIBLE acid relux. And my nephew would sleep anywhere! and has informed me that I should let my child 'cry it out' so she will learn to self-soothe. I can NOT do this.

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It's actually quite funny because 'Raising Hope' just did an episode about this.

I've really, truly never have been a big fan of the CIO method. I don't see how people couldn't just get to a certain point and pick the baby up. I know this is one of those BIG controversial mom debates. But I want to know, is there a way to adjust them without crying?

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  1. Oh girl...I know that is soooooooooo hard! With Lilly I couldn't do it...until I went crazy when she turned 16 months old and I was up every 90 minutes rocking her because she "had" to be held. I almost snapped. It took three nights for her. The first night she cried 45 min...the second night she cried 30 min...and the third night she rolled over and said "night night". It was not easy but I was literally LOSING IT!
    With Graham I had him cry it out at 4 months old and it only took him two nights. Now nap time and bed time are so easy for all of us.
    It was not easy, but we are so glad we did it. You just have to be ready to do it yourself. Just remember if you do decide to try it again she is not in pain. If she is fed, dry, and not sick then the only reason she is crying is because she is mad at you because you will not do what she wants.
    You can do it! You are a tough cookie!


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