Ah the infamous poop story. I almost forgot about it and wanted to write it down while I still remembered.

This story took place on New Year's Eve. We were going out for the first time without SweetPea. Our friend was having a party, so we decided to bring SweetPea over early so everyone could meet her and then take her to my in-laws who live right down the street.

She hadn't been going poopie and although she was being breastfed and all the sites say it's normal for breastfed babies to not go for up to 5 days (as long as they have enough wet diapers), we were still concerned so we called the doctor. The doctor said that if she didn't seem uncomfortable that we shouldnt worried but if we were we could either stick a q-tip (with vaseline and just around the edges) up there or give her a suppository.

My husband insisted on the latter and brought some infant suppositories home after work. We only gave her a little. She went almost instantly! YAY! All done....or so we thought...

I wanted to give her a bath to
A. help her tummy (why didn't I push for that before?)
B. I wanted her nice and fresh when she met everyone.

As soon as her tushie hit that water it all went down hill from there (no pun intended). She poopied in the tub and then we took her out and she poopied on the changing table. We put her back in the tub and she poopied again. Then we picked her up and she poopied in the towel and again on the changing table. Then we finally got a diaper on her and she poopied in that. My husband just looked at me and said "There's $#!T EVERYWHERE!"

So needless to say when we went out that night we had a new parent story to tell that only other parents can appreciate. I was also a nervous wreck, by the way, but that's another story. And now we have a story to tell her to embarrass her when she gets older as well. :)

New parent hiccups can make you embarrassed or feel like a terrible parent. I feel sad for SweetPea because she is like our training baby. She is training us how to be parents.
I read and read and read but experience seems to be the only way to learn when it comes to child rearing as each one is different.
Does anyone out there have some less than proud parenting moments? Please tell me I am not the only one...

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  1. Hilarious story! My son used to go anywhere from 7-10 days without pooping. It was awful! I got to the point where I literally could not leave the house, the closer we got to the 7-day mark, it was always a TERRIBLE explosive blowout! Naturally the worst one ever was while we on vacation - sooo gross! Definitely great stories for when they are grown up. :)

  2. Oh man we've had a couple episodes like this! ;)

  3. Hahaha! A parenting right of passage!

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