Doctor's Visits and Bath Time

Since my doctor didn't want to release me from the hospital, he made an appointment for me for Monday. It was just a blood pressure check and VERY pointless. I have another one tomorrow to follow up.

***Edit follow up visit was very pointless as well...

Lizzie's first appointment was today. The doctor said she looked really good. She weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces which he said is normal. It takes around two weeks for them to get back to their birth weight. That I just need to make sure she keeps pottying like she is suppose to. He said she did look a little jaundice which was normal for a breast fed baby but that as long as I make sure she gets sunlight it should be fine. Other than that she is doing great!

She had her first at-home bath last night. She clearly did not care for it very much.

Clearly my husband is an awesome photographer. LOL

She has been sleeping very well. Some nights are better than others. But all-in-all she is a happy healthy 5 day old! :)

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